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Vaccination centre in Karori open only two days a week for “priority populations”

News from CCDHB
A new vaccination centre opened the week before last in Karori. The centre is in the Karori mall and is open Wednesdays and Thursdays.

Lyn Allen who is running the new Karori vaccination centre says the most encouraging part of opening a new centre is the community goodwill – “there is a lot of goodwill in opening a vaccination centre and what has been most encouraging has been the positivity of the community who are very positive about getting vaccinated to protect themselves and their families against COVID-19.”

At the moment the centre is focused on vaccinating their priority populations including Māori and Pasifika and also disabled and older populations.

“The new vaccination centre is going really well so far and we look forward to continuing to build our team as we continue to focus on vaccinating the various groups over the coming months.” .


  1. Ray Chung, 13. June 2021, 14:40

    So am I to understand from this that anyone who considers that they fit into one of these categories can just front up to get vaccinations in Karori? My local medical centre (Onslow Medical Centre) said the DHB won’t give them any vaccines until 21 August at the earliest.

  2. Don M, 14. June 2021, 8:21

    @Ray Chung – I’m afraid not. They will only take patients from the Karori Medical Centre.

  3. Claire, 14. June 2021, 9:22

    The medical centres only cater to their own patients. Any other additional vaccination centres will be as advertised. My Centre has said wait till notified. So I will just relax till then. The logistics rely on the deliveries from Pfizer.

  4. Ray Chung, 14. June 2021, 14:54

    Are the DHBs allocating the vaccines to Medical Centres in alphabetical order? Karori and Newtown come before Onslow?