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Solving the driver shortage – with fewer peak hour buses

The DomPost reports this morning that the Regional Council has found a solution to the problem of so many cancelled buses. It is planning to cut the number of scheduled services during rush hours.

Damian George reports the Regional Council has confirmed that an as-yet-unknown number of rush-hour bus services will be temporarily cut from the end of July.

The council’s public transport general manager Scott Gallacher​ said there were not enough drivers to operate the peak bus services. “On some points of our network, we might need to look at some of our high-frequency peak routes, and see if we can slightly adjust their frequency.” An “updated timetable” would be in place by the end of July. The region needs a total of 700 drivers to run the network, and is up to 60 short.

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  1. Ms Green, 15. June 2021, 10:27

    Can someone please spell out exactly why there is a shortage of drivers and has been for years now? Why has the Regional Council not sorted this out yet? This is not acceptable for a Capital or any City.

  2. Henry Filth, 16. June 2021, 3:53

    It seems that the bus companies see public transport as an opportunity to hoover up ratepayer money without any requirement to be able to run a business or to provide a service. It might be getting to the stage where local government needs to step up and run the services. After all, ratepayers are on the hook either way – why not cut out the ticket-clipping middle man?

  3. Peter Steven, 16. June 2021, 9:44

    How can cancelling bus services possibly be classified as ‘solving the problem’? Is this a joke? An alternative headline could be: “Council ‘fixes’ cancelled bus services by cancelling bus services”

  4. Steve Dub, 16. June 2021, 10:42

    Of course there will be “certainty” if they reduce the number of peak-time buses: you can be certain that the same number of people trying to get on a reduced number of buses will mean that the buses will be packed to capacity and you won’t be able to get on.