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Doctors welcome plan for safer cycling on Thorndon Quay

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News from DAST
Members of Wellington Hospital’s Doctors for Active Safe Transport have welcomed the Wellington City Council’s decision to make Thorndon Quay safer for people who cycle.

Drs Sheila Hart, Amanda Tristram and David Tripp are specialists in Anaesthetics, Cancer Surgery and General Medicine. They see the impact of preventable disease and death every day.

“There is now clear evidence that active transport – in particular cycling – substantially reduces rates of diabetes, heart disease, many cancers, and subsequent mortality. If we had a pill half as good as cycling, we’d be falling over ourselves to get it. We’ve got to change the way we do transport”, said Dr Hart.

“The health benefits are huge and cycling improvements like the changes to Thorndon Quay are the right thing to do. It’s exciting to see these changes to Wellington’s busiest cycle route. We urge the Council to ‘go hard, go early’ on these important public health initiatives”, said Dr Tristram.

“We applaud the council for moving on this critical safety fix and look forward to the early implementation of more permanent solutions from Let’s Get Wellington Moving”, Dr Tripp said.

“Some business owners are concerned about loss of parking. We know that change is difficult – but it also urgent. In this case its straightforward: even under the new arrangement current parking demand can still be accommodated. It’s a win-win”, he said.

“Ultimately, more active transport will be help business. What’s good for health is good for business”, they said.


  1. Peter B`, 25. June 2021, 10:30

    Get it is fantastic that the Council has given the go ahead for safer cycling in Wellington while appreciating that this is not a dedicated cycle lane. There is the need to ensure that the potential cycling routes in Newtown to CBD are also addressed as soon as possible. What’s required is a review of car parks on the main throughfares to ensure that all Wellington can be safe and get the benefits for their health.

  2. Geoff, 25. June 2021, 15:27

    Is it safer because they say it will be safer? I find driveways the worst, and nothing is changing there. ZIP plumbing and the childcare driveways in particular. Personally i feel a clearway heading north in the evening was required, and changing the parking to parallel.