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More sewage in Porirua Harbour after ‘fragile’ wastewater main bursts again

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The sewage main alongside State Highway 1 has burst again, sending more sewage into Porirua Harbour, and causing traffic delays.

Wellington Water reported last night that they were…

… responding to a burst wastewater main on State Highway One, northbound, between the Aotea turnoff and Paremata. This pipeline previously burst last Saturday and a repair was carried out on Sunday evening. Despite the repair, our investigations showed the pipeline was in a fragile condition, and this evening’s heavy rainfall has caused a further failure.

Some wastewater is overflowing into the harbour and work is underway to minimise this overflow. Our crews will be preparing throughout the night to undertake a further repair in the morning. We advise members of the public to avoid contact with coastal water in the area.

Today at 1pm, NZTA reported that because of the burst pipe, the right northbound lane was closed between Whitford Brown and Paremata. Delays were building, and queues were back to the Mungavin Interchange and into Porirua.

Due to the complex nature of the repair, Wellington Water said there could be some additional overflow of sewage this evening. And it said the northbound lane would stay closed over the weekend, as work continued.

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Wellington.Scoop – July 20
Wellington Water crews yesterday afternoon completed repairing the wastewater main between the Aotea turnoff and Paremata, 200 metres north of Aotea lagoon. The two north bound lanes on State Highway One were expected to be open by 3.30pm.

However, despite the repairs, investigations have shown that the pipe remains in a fragile condition. So crews will be monitoring the site and additional work in the area will continue.

Earlier, Wellington Water said investigations overnight had shown that the issue was more complex and further urgent work was needed.

The pipe remains in fragile condition, and rain has made the work more challenging. Our crews are expected to stay on site for the rest of the day and work in the area will be ongoing.

The NZ Herald reports that Wellington Water today decided to reinstate an unused pipeline across Porirua Harbour to alleviate pressure on the recently repaired pipe. Unfortunately, the pipeline was found to have a fault this afternoon and some sewage spilled in the northwest area of Onepoto, opposite Papakowhai, affecting the walkway and immediate area. The pipeline was taken offline when the overflow was discovered and the Regional Council has closed the coastal track at the Onepoto end of Whitireia Park.

Wellington.Scoop – July 18
Wellington Water crews have been working for two days to repair a burst wastewater main on State Highway 1 at Paremata. Sewage from the burst main overflowed into Porirua Harbour and came close to the Paremata Primary School.

News from Wellington Water
Our crews have been onsite all day working on a permanent repair to the burst wastewater main between the Aotea turnoff and Paremata, 200 metres north of Aotea lagoon.

“We hope to have the failed section of pipe replaced by tonight, depending on the weather” says Sam Lister Wellington Water’s Manager Customer Planning. “This involves digging a trench in the SH1 median strip, removing the damaged section, and replacing it with a new pipe.

“We’re working hard to restore SH1 north bound back to two lanes and while we’re expecting to be able to complete the repair today, we’re going to need to revisit the site to complete some tidy up work. This will be carried out in the next week and during off peak traffic.”

As the burst has caused wastewater to overflow, Wellington Water has started sampling water around Porirua Harbour. This will continue for 48 hours after the overflow has stopped.

“We remind people to avoid swimming in the Porirua harbour or gathering shellfish as a no swimming notice remains in place.

Traffic has been running smoothly in the affected area of SH1; however, people should still use alternative routes or delay travelling if possible.

“The weather event has put considerable pressure on our crews across the region, with many calls coming in that we have needed to respond to. Because of this, there may be some delays in responding to lower priority jobs. We’d like to thank the public for their continued patience while we work to fix this issue.”

News from Wellington Water – July 17
A wastewater burst main has burst on SH1 at Paremata. Our crews have been onsite all day working on a temporary fix of sending wastewater flow from the main through to an alternative path. This work has been challenging due to the heavy rainfall.

“We hope to have the temporary fix in place sometime this evening with the aim to implement the permanent repair tomorrow once the rain has eased,” says Sam Lister, Wellington Water’s Manager Customer Planning. “Traffic is very congested in the affected area of SH1 (between the Aotea turnoff and Paremata, 200 meters north of Aotea lagoon). We’re asking people to find alternative routes or delay travelling if possible.”

“We’d also like to continue to remind people to avoid swimming in the Porirua harbour as a no swimming notice remains in place and for pedestrians to avoid any local areas with surface flooding as this could contain some wastewater overflow.”

Earlier news from Wellington Water
The incident has also caused a wastewater manhole to overflow wastewater on to Station Road, Paremata Crescent and some areas near the entrance of the Paremata Primary School grounds. We are asking pedestrians to take extra care and avoid these areas.

We have a team on the ground who have cordoned off these areas with cones and people on site with signage. We also have suction trucks working in this area to control flows.

The burst main is between the Aotea turnoff and Plimmerton, 200 metres north of Aotea lagoon. This has caused wastewater to overflow across SH1 and into the harbour. There are nine wastewater tanker trucks on site helping to reduce the overflow on to the road. SH1 and crews are planning an urgent repair.

A no swimming notice onsite near the Porirua harbour entrance will remain in place for 48 hours after the overflow stops.

With the heavy rainfall likely to cause more overflows, we’re asking residents in Whitby, Paremata, Plimmerton, Pukerua Bay, and in the northern parts of Aotea to minimise water use as much as possible.

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  1. Georgina Campbell, 21. July 2021, 9:19

    Wellington Water plans to put 40 school leavers or young unemployed people through a Fulton Hogan training programme after exhausting all front-line water personnel from the region. This as Wellington Water is currently trying to fill about 30 vacancies. [via twitter]


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