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Health Board promises 27 more vaccination centres

News from CCDHB
Twenty-seven new vaccination centres will be opening this week and next week, based in medical practices in Wellington, Porirua and the Kāpiti Coast.

By the end of August, we will have nearly 50 locations vaccinating across our region, in addition to pop-up clinics and events catering to particular groups.

These new clinics are part of ramping up our vaccination delivery across the region. We are also growing some of our existing centres, with extra vaccinators working and longer hours or additional days at some centres.

We are well into vaccinating Group 3. Everyone in Group 3 will be invited to book their vaccination by the end of July.

Most people in Group 3 will have received a notification that they will soon be invited.

For any who have not received this notification, we will provide an alternative way for them to self-identify as Group 3 before the end of July. From 23 July onwards book through this 0800 number:

0800 number to book vaccinations

From 28 July onwards, people aged 60 – 64 will be able to book online or over the phone using the 0800 number.

All of this activity will see us in a position to keep tracking ahead of our targets, and making sure everyone in our region has the opportunity to be vaccinated by the end of the year.

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  1. Wendy, 22. July 2021, 16:32

    CCDHB claims they are well into vaccinating Group 3, which does not seem to stack up, as yesterday we were told that only 1 in 5 people in the over 65 group have been vaccinated. But never fear, CCDHB advises that everyone in Group 3 will be invited to book their vaccination by the end of July, while people aged 60 – 64 will be able to book online or over the phone from 28 July. So, keep hanging in there over 65s, as they assure us everyone in their region will have the opportunity to be vaccinated by the end of the year!

  2. Phil, 23. July 2021, 8:47

    My GP has no idea when they’ll get stock and will not answer queries about Group 3 timeline. With my current medical condition, I don’t see myself getting a useful dose until December. Mild shambles in Welly DHB area.

  3. Sue, 23. July 2021, 13:42

    I am 70 and have had no contact from doctor’s surgery or DHB, even though I have been attending the surgery over the past 2 months. This morning I phoned the 0800 number, was told after waiting 15 minutes that I would receive a message from my doctor. What a mess.

  4. michael, 23. July 2021, 15:34

    Why doesn’t CCDHB just stop all the PR about how great they are doing. And if they are in a position to keep ahead of their targets, can they please advise the long-suffering over 65s what their targets are, as they don’t seem to include Group 3.

  5. Kara, 25. July 2021, 15:51

    My GP had given me the phone number and so yesterday marked vaccination day.

  6. Bruce, 26. July 2021, 16:10

    My wife and I are in Group 3. Our GP’s nurse advised it would be at least five weeks until we could receive our Covid vaccination. We rang Waiwhetu Vaccination Centre for a booking and received our shots the next day. We are booked for our second dose in three weeks.

  7. Codger, 27. July 2021, 8:27

    I cannot blame the Regional Health Boards. On the one hand the onus is put on them to do the vaccinations, but on the other hand the government has told them they are going to be abolished.

  8. D'Esterre, 29. July 2021, 10:33

    Codger, I worked for many years in the health sector. The DHB system is the correct configuration for NZ’s health needs. But it needs bucket loads more funding. Now the government is proposing to can DHBs altogether, in favour of something like the UK’s NHS. Which doesn’t work, to the extent that the UK government has been looking to rejig it, so as to make it more closely resemble NZ’s model.

    Of all the decisions this government has made, or is proposing, this is the dumbest by a country mile.