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0800 number to enable more Group 3 vaccination appointments

News from Ministry of Health
An 0800 number has been launched today, allowing people in group 3 who haven’t yet received an invitation to have their COVID-19 vaccination to make an appointment.

Jo Gibbs, National Director of the COVID-19 Vaccine and Immunisation Programme, says the 0800 number will provide booking support and vaccination information. Advisors will also answer clinical questions.

She says district health boards are making good progress in sending out invitations to people in group 3.

“They’ve been contacting people by email, text, phone call and through the post.

“We do recognise though that there are some people who haven’t yet heard from us, and there are a number of reasons for this.

“If you’re not enrolled with a health provider or have not updated your contact details, or have outdated patient records, then we may not have been able to contact you.

“This new number means that if you’re 65 or over, have an underlying health condition, if you’re disabled, caring for someone who is disabled, or if you’re pregnant, you’re definitely in group 3 and can book your vaccination from today by calling the COVID Vaccination Healthline on 0800 28 29 26.

The COVID Vaccination Healthline is open between 8am – 8pm, 7 days a week. More than 650 team members will be rostered throughout the day, working in shifts.

“There’s a team of more than 1,300 advisors, working in shifts, ready to take calls. They are supported by paramedics and nurses who can answer any clinical questions. They’ll be happy to help with translation services if you need them – they have access to more than 150 languages.”

The Healthline teams work across the country, within communities. Some work from their homes, and others are based in contact centres in Kaikohe, Kaitaia, Whangarei, Auckland, Hamilton, Tauranga, Hastings, Rotorua, Wellington and Christchurch.

“We want everyone in group 3 to have an opportunity to book their vaccine appointment before we open bookings to the 60-plus age band on July 28,” she says. “That’s also when the online booking tool, Book My Vaccine, will be available.”

COVID Vaccination Healthline

· Between now and Christmas, based on the national vaccination rollout plan, the COVID Vaccination Healthline is expecting to speak to more than 2.5 million New Zealanders
· The COVID Vaccination Healthline has been built off the foundation of Healthline; a trusted service that New Zealanders have been using for 20 years.
· Healthline is internationally recognised for its clinical quality and care.
· To get everyone on board and ready the COVID Vaccination Healthline team has:
o Completed more than 4,500 recruitment interviews
o Delivered 31,200 hours of training
o Configured and deployed 1,000 desktops.

The Healthline service has operated in Aotearoa for more than 20 years, providing general health information and advice. In addition to the usual Healthline service there are two other Healthline services:

1. The COVID Healthline supports people with information and advice about COVID-19
2. The COVID Vaccination Healthline will provide vaccination information and help people book appointments.

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  1. D'Esterre, 23. July 2021, 9:21

    I tried that number this morning. It appears that I was at the end of a very long waitlist: a voice read out a list of FAQs, then there was music, then the list of FAQs repeated. I gave up.

  2. Marion Leader, 23. July 2021, 12:03

    I rang 0800 28 29 26 at 8 this morning and gave Verena my telephone number so that she could ring me back with a time for me to get vaccinated. She hasn’t rung yet. What’s happening?

  3. Alan, 23. July 2021, 12:33

    There have been several versions of the song “You keep me hangin’ on” starting with The Supremes in the 60s. Perhaps the Ministry of Health could use one as their theme song.

  4. CCDHB, 23. July 2021, 16:56

    You are able to book appointments at any of our 12 vaccination centres via this number. We have followed up with the national call centre to ensure they are giving correct advice. Please try again in an hour. We apologise that the correct information was not at first provided. [via twitter]

  5. Tom, 23. July 2021, 16:57

    I’ve just called and got mine and Sammy’s vaccination appointment. On-hold for about 15 min, and once connected they were super helpful and booking was easy. If you’re in Group 3. Make the call. [via twitter]

  6. Ray Chung, 23. July 2021, 17:31

    Hey D’Esterre, I just received my appointments from the Onslow Medical Centre. The OMC haven’t received their vaccines yet but are expecting them next week so are making appointments. Good luck my friend!

  7. D'Esterre, 23. July 2021, 17:57

    Via the 0800 number, we’ve managed to make an appointment at the Johnsonville vaccination centre in the mall. My partner and I have got appointments at roughly the same time. I’ve also just received a text confirming the appointment.

  8. D'Esterre, 23. July 2021, 18:27

    Congratulations, Ray! I’m pleased to hear that your medical centre has come up with the goods. I hope that it all goes according to plan, for you as well as for us.


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