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Wellington vaccinations to be completed by end of November

Report from RNZ by Jane Patterson
Wellington’s district health board says the region will finish Covid-19 vaccinations by the end of November, and an earlier projection it would take until February is out of date.

DHB reports to the Ministry of Health, released on its website, showed the Capital and Coast and Hutt Valley DHBs reporting they would need two months at the beginning of next year to complete any outstanding vaccinations. The boards had told officials they would complete ‘tier’ three and roll out ‘tier’ four vaccinations between August and December. However phase four from early December through to late February 2022 was designated ‘Wash Up’.

But Capital and Coast DHB said today the documents published this week were the boards’ assessment from earlier this year.

Since that assessment was made, the situation had been updated.

“Our plan sees us complete vaccination for the Capital and Coast and Hutt Valley DHB region at the end of November,” a DHB spokesperson said in a statement.

“Following that, vaccination will remain available for anyone becoming newly eligible, and those who have changed their minds after deciding not to be vaccinated earlier in the programme.”

Earlier RNZ Report by Jane Patterson
Wellington health officials have told the government they won’t meet its preferred deadline and will be vaccinating people against Covid-19 until late February.

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has said the aim is, nationwide, to have everyone who wants to be vaccinated done by the end of this year. The pressure is on the government to get as much as of the population vaccinated as quickly as possible, not only for individual protection, but also to lay the groundwork for easing border restrictions.

More than half of DHBs have provided written reports to the Ministry of Health and others have provided data setting out their timetables.

Capital Coast DHB and Hutt Valley DHB have been working together to deliver the vaccination programme and reported jointly, telling officials they would complete ‘tier’ three and roll out ‘tier’ four vaccinations between August and December. However phase four from early December through to late February is designated ‘Wash Up’.

National’s Chris Bishop said that is “inconsistent with what the government has assured New Zealanders will be the case. The government’s been very clear that the goal of the vaccine program is for everyone to be offered a vaccine by the end of the year; they have heard this from the prime minister down on multiple occasions. But actually in the background, the DHBs have been planning to fail.”

On Thursday next week the Prime Minister will release advice from experts on how to open the border safely and public health measures, and will then set out a government plan.

She told Morning Report she stands by her position that anyone who wants the Covid-19 vaccine will be able to access it before the end of the year. “That is what we’ve committed to, we have the supply to ensure that’s possible.”

The government will work with DHBs to ensure they can deliver the vaccine, she said.

News from Ministry of Health – August 3
More than 1.979 million doses of the COVID-19 vaccine have been administered to 11.59pm on 2 August. Of these, 1.221 million are first doses and more than 757,000 are second doses.

More than 110,600 Mâori have received their first vaccination. Of these, around 71,000 have also had their second vaccinations. Nearly 76,300 doses have been administered to Pacific peoples. Of these, around 48,300 have also received their second doses.

Yesterday nearly 35,000 doses in total were administered, made up of 25,500 first doses and nearly 9400 second doses.