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Candidate’s plan for bus lanes between Hutt and Wellington

Press Release – Thomas Morgan
Thomas Morgan, a candidate in the Central Ward by-election for the Hutt City Council, has announced a radical plan to steer the direction in road transport between the Hutt Valley and Wellington with an innovative use of local state highways at peak times, turning one lane in both directions into rapid bus lanes primarily for an expanded bus service.

‘Peak-time travel between the Hutt and Wellington is simply becoming impossible at any reasonable speed and the problem is essentially becoming the answer. To me it seems obvious that clearing one lane for rapid bus transport is the best use of that resource and that’s what I’m proposing.’ He said.

Buses would get general priority, be able to travel at high speed up and down the main corridor having express entry and exit with traffic control measures as required. Dedicated on and off ramps could also be used along with traffic signals to stop other traffic as needed. The system would be experimental, highly flexible to allow for any changes as they arise and at off-peak times the road would return to normal under a controlled transition.

A mock-up of the possible road layout with the central lanes used as bus lanes.

The new traffic management system would be complemented by extended bus routes and timetables to provide a comprehensive integrated transport system from the home to the work place and back again. The approach over-rides the major use of trains and light-rail with buses having the flexibility to travel and stop virtually anywhere. Considerable feedback is expected which would be good to have.

‘No-one knows all the answers and as a political approach I’m wanting an effective people-centric solution while applying some creativity to the matter.’ Mr Morgan said.

Voting papers for the postal by-election should start arriving from 19 August with election day on 10 September subject to any changes related to Covid-19.

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