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Going down: 11 new covid cases in Auckland

There are 11 new community cases of covid in Auckland today, two less than yesterday and three less than the previous day. There are no new cases in Wellington. Fourteen people are in hospital, three of them in ICU.

More than 4.5 million doses have been administered to date. Of these, over 3 million are 1st doses and over 1.5 million are 2nd doses.

Wellington’s Bay Plaza ending its time as MIQ facility

New South Wales reported 1284 new cases today, and 12 more deaths.

The travel bubble between New Zealand and Australia has today been extended for another eight weeks. It will be reviewed in November.

Wellington.Scoop – September 16
There are 13 new community cases of covid in Auckland today, one less than yesterday. The Wellington total is unchanged. Nineteen people with covid are in hospital in Auckland, four in intensive care.

More than 4.5million doses of vaccination have been administered so far – 2.9million people have had one dose and 1.5million people are fully vaccinated.

From next Monday, travellers can again seek to book rooms in managed isolation.

Wellington.Scoop – September 15
There are 14 new community cases of covid in Auckland today, one less than yesterday, and all linked with household contacts. The Wellington total of 17 is unchanged, and 15 of the cases have recovered.

The total cases in the current outbreak in Auckland has been 966, with 441 having recovered. Twenty people are in hospital, four in intensive care.

More than 4.4 million covid vaccination doses have been administered to date. Of these, over 2.9 million are first doses and over 1.5 million are second doses. 36% of eligible people in New Zealand are now fully vaccinated, and 70% have had their first dose.

Wellington.Scoop – September 14
There are 15 new community cases of covid in Auckland today. All are linked with household contacts. There are no more cases in Wellington. Of yesterday’s 33 Auckland cases, 8 were infectious in the community.

Over 1 million first vaccination doses have now been administered in Auckland and over 500,000 second doses.

Nationwide, 1.41million people have had one dose, and 1.48million are fully vaccinated with both doses.

Wellington.Scoop – September 13
There are 33 new cases of covid in the community in Auckland today, 13 more than yesterday. Seven of today’s cases are in one household. Thirty-two of today’s cases are epidemiologically linked.

Seven of yesterday’s 20 cases were infectious in the Auckland community.

The Government is keeping Auckland at Level 4 till Wednesday next week. The rest of New Zealand will stay at Level 2 for the same period.

There have been 938 covid cases in Auckland since the new outbreak began, and 360 have recovered. Of the 17 cases in Wellington, twelve have recovered.

Vaccines administered to date (total): 4,325,490;
1st doses: 2,862,765; 2nd doses: 1,462,725.
Vaccines administered yesterday (total): 33,866;
1st doses: 20,490; 2nd doses: 13,376.
Mâori: 1st doses: 265,875; 2nd doses: 128,017.
Pacific Peoples: 1st doses: 172,628; 2nd doses: 88,493.

Wellington.Scoop – September 12
Auckland has twenty more covid cases today, but there are no more in Wellington. The Prime Minister has announced that an extra 500,000 doses of Pfizer vaccinations will be coming from Denmark next week. Together with the 250,000 extra doses that have arrived from Spain, this means that vaccination can continue apace and Jacinda Ardern encourages everyone to book now for their vaccination.

“There is now nothing holding us back,” said the Prime Minister. “We know the vaccine helps break chains of transmission.”

She pointed to the USA, where hospitals are heavily dominated by the unvaccinated.

She said half a million Aucklanders are now fully vaccinated.

The number of covid patients in hospital in Auckland has come down to 18 – four of them in intensive care.

News from Ministry of Health – September 11
There are 23 new community cases of covid in Auckland today, 12 more than yesterday. As we have said previously, some volatility is likely at this stage as day 5 and day 12 tests for contacts of cases are due, and we do further investigations of any new unlinked cases.

This does serve as a strong reminder of the importance of following the COVID-19 Alert Level rules wherever you are, and getting tested if you have any symptoms or have been at a location of interest at the specified times.

There are no new cases in Wellington, where a total of 17 people have had covid in the current outbreak, with ten of them having recovered.

Vaccines administered yesterday (total) 64,775;
1st doses: 43,788; 2nd doses: 20,987

Vaccines administered to date (total) 4,229,000;
1st doses: 2,803,000; 2nd doses: 1,425,000

Māori 1st doses: 260,439; 2nd doses: 125,278
Pacific Peoples 1st doses: 166,863; 2nd doses: 85,360

Wellington.Scoop – September 10
There are eleven new cases of covid-19 in Auckland today, two less than yesterday and four less than the day before.

Twentyseven people are still in hospital in Auckland – four less than yesterday. Four are in intensive care, and all require ventilators.

Of the 17 cases in Wellington, nine have recovered. Of the 863 cases in Auckland, 279 have recovered.

Wellington.Scoop – September 9
There are 13 new cases of Covid-19 in the community – two less than yesterday. All are in Auckland.

There are 31 people in hospital in Auckland, five in intensive care and three being ventilated.

The Prime Minister told today’s news conference that the impact of Delta and other variants of concern will be factored into a border reopening plan. There will be individual risk assessments for countries, as some parts of the world have a different risk profile to others.

RNZ reports that 250,000 extra doses of the Pfizer vaccine are on their way to New Zealand from Spain. This means that NZ’s vaccinations can continue at the same high level.

More than four million doses of the vaccine have been administered. The Prime Minister said she wanted New Zealand’s vaccine rates in 2021 to lead the world. She said 77 percent of those aged 40+ have had at least one dose, 64 per cent of people aged 12+ have had at least one dose and 89 percent of people aged 65+ have been vaccinated with one dose.

Wellington.Scoop – September 8
There are 15 new cases of covid reported today – all of them in Auckland, and six less than yesterday. There were 21 Auckland cases yesterday, and 20 for the previous three days.

Wellington has had no new cases for five days.

The number of locations of interest has been reduced to 126.

Thirty-seven people are in hospital, all of them in Auckland. Six are in intensive care.

There have now been more than 4million vaccinations.

Wellington.Scoop – September 7
There are 21 new cases of covid in Auckland today, one more than yesterday. No new cases have been reported in Wellington, for the fourth consecutive day. 39 people are now in hospital with covid – one more than yesterday, and all in Auckland. Six of them are in ICU or HDU. Auckland remains at Level 4.

More than 66,000 vaccinations were administered yesterday, bringing the total so far to over 3,900,000. The Prime Minister says plans are being negotiated for extra Pfizer supplies this month, to enable the increased rate of vaccinations to continue.

Wellington.Scoop – September 6
No new cases of covid were reported in Wellington today – for a third consecutive day. There were however 20 new community cases in Auckland, the same number as yesterday. Of the 20 new cases, only five were infectious while in the community. The remaining 15 were all in isolation throughout the period when they were infected.

38 people are in Auckland hospitals with Covid-19, including six in intensive care and four on ventilators.

Wellington.Scoop – September 5
There are no new cases of covid in Wellington today. Twenty new community cases have been reported – the same number as yesterday, and all in Auckland.

RNZ reports that deputy prime minister Grant Robertson says the government will not be relaxing restrictions until it is confident there are no unknown cases lurking in the community. He said Auckland needs to keep up high testing levels.

But Dr Ashley Bloomfield hinted at a possible shift to alert level two outside Auckland, saying advice is being drafted today around what a strengthened alert level two might look like, with a decision to be announced tomorrow.

The total of community covid cases in Auckland is 784, of whom 79 have recovered. The total cases in Wellington is 17, of whom three have recovered.

A total of 38 covid patients are in hospital – all in Auckland. Six of them are in intensive care and four are on ventilators.

A total of 3,850,611 vaccines have been administered to date – first doses: 2,537,434; second doses: 1,313,176.

Earlier statistics:
Aug 30 and 31; Sept 1, 2, 3 and 4

In Australia, New South Wales has recorded 1485 new cases of Covid-19 in the community and three deaths from the virus in the 24 hours until 8pm yesterday. In Victoria, there are 183 new cases.

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  1. The Sewphist, 8. September 2021, 15:28

    Hey Auckland, you folk up there are doing an amazing job with your response. Only 15 cases today is awesome news! Thank you for being so good about staying home, I hope there are some delicious takeaways in your future soon. [via twitter]

  2. Toni, 8. September 2021, 15:48

    Yes, a big thank you to Aucklanders as they unfortunately have had to carry the load.

  3. Dave B, 8. September 2021, 15:58

    JAFA – Jolly Awesome Fantastic Aucklanders

  4. Steven King, 11. September 2021, 14:48

    1200 dead of covid yesterday in Florida. Not the total for a week or a month, but ONE SINGLE DAY.

  5. Ruwani Perera, 12. September 2021, 16:05

    We’ve got Denmark’s Pfizer vaccines. Well, they are 90% vaccinated. Danke scön. [via twitter]


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