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Search team finds Wellington tramper in Tararua Forest Park

Report from RNZ
A Wellington tramper stuck in the Tararua Forest Park has been found by a search team.

The Land Search and Rescue team found the experienced tramper just before 3am.

Two teams were sent to the area after the man left the capital on Sunday to complete a circuit along Pinnacle Ridge. He was reported stuck yesterday and severe weather hampered rescue efforts.

About 8.30am, the tramper and the SAR team were helicoptered out.

They said he was in good shape and good spirits, considering what he had been through.

Police had been directing him to the McGregor Bivvy hut for shelter, via a cellphone, while monitoring his position through his personal locator beacon.

Report from RNZ – September 13
An experienced tramper is stuck along the Tararua Forest Park, north of Wellington, with severe weather hampering rescue efforts.

Two search and rescue teams were sent overnight to the area after the man left Wellington on Sunday to complete the circuit along Pinnacle Ridge.

Police say they are in contact with the man via cellphone, and are directing him to the McGregor Bivvy hut for shelter.

Rescue teams are unable to reach the hut in the weather conditions.

MetService has forecast heavy rain for the Tararua Range which it says may cause streams and rivers to rise rapidly. There is also a strong wind warning in place for the Tararua District with gales gusting up to 130km/h in exposed places.

Police can’t confirm whether or not an experienced tramper stuck in the Tararua Forest park north of Wellington has made it to a hut. Rescue teams have been monitoring his position via his personal locator beacon.

The search for the man has had to be suspended, because of windy, dangerous weather.

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