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Long queues on motorway after crash near Newlands turnoff

crash at newlands turnoff

A crash on State Highway 1 near the Newlands turnoff caused 30 minutes of delays for peak afternoon northbound traffic leaving Wellington today.

NZTA reported the crash at 4.50 and said there were queues back to Kaiwharawhara.

Twenty minutes later the queues were past the Aotea Quay on-ramp.

Please be patient, advised NZTA.

Then at 5.23, NZTA said the “delays had eased.” It thanked people for their patience.


  1. J Chris Horne, 16. September 2021, 20:06

    Today’s thirty-minutes delay will give motorists practice in coping with the severe congestion in the morning week-day peaks as hoards of vehicles pour off Transmission Gully Motorway when it opens. The advocates for the construction of TGM had their heads firmly stuck in the sand about the grid-lock the motorway would cause as floods of vehicles seek parking spaces in Wellington’s CBD.

    Roll on the introduction of congestion charging and a regional fuel tax, massive rises in Fringe Benefit Taxes on company cars and huge increases in parking charges for on-street and parking-building parking. Those measures are essential to minimise the threat of grid-lock.

  2. J Smith, 17. September 2021, 7:56

    J Chris Horne. This was a north bound delay which wasn’t the first and won’t be the last.