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Opening of Transmission Gully delayed again – no agreement on new date

News from NZTA / Waka Kotahi
The NZ Transport Agency is working with the Transmission Gully Public Private Partnership contractor, Wellington Gateway Partnership (WGP), and its subcontractor CPB HEB Joint Venture to confirm a new opening date for the motorway.

“WGP and CPB HEB have advised Waka Kotahi that the recent Covid-19 lockdown, Alert Level 3 restrictions, and supply chain constraints as a result of the extended lockdown in Auckland have impacted on their ability to meet the contractually agreed opening date of 27 September 2021,” says Brett Gliddon, Waka Kotahi General Manager Transport Services.

The 27-kilometre Transmission Gully motorway will be a safer and more reliable route for motorists travelling between Wellington and the lower North Island, and will provide the Wellington region with greater resilience in earthquakes and storms.

“Work has resumed on the project under the appropriate health and safety protocols since the move to Alert Level 3, then Alert Level 2, in Wellington. However these new delays, on top of the risk that already existed around achieving the contractually agreed opening date, mean it is clear that the motorway will not be ready to open on 27 September,” Mr Gliddon says.

“Waka Kotahi, WGP and CPB HEB are working together to understand the full impacts of the lockdown and restrictions on the project, and confirm a new opening date.

“We know that people are keen to see the road open as soon as possible, and everyone is working as fast as they can to get the road open.”

As well as finishing works, there are other critical requirements which also need to be met by WGP and CPB HEB before the motorway can legally be opened for public use. This includes safety and asset quality assurance work, and compliance with environmental consent conditions.

Waka Kotahi and WGP will provide an update once the additional time required to complete the road for public use has been agreed.

In 2014, they said it would be open by 2020.
Budgetted cost: $850million. Final cost: $1.25billion.


  1. Chris Calvi-Freeman, 18. September 2021, 15:45

    3 weeks extension for lockdown, 1 week for remobilization/L2 constraints, & maybe another week or 2 for supply chain delays. Consenting proceeds in parallel & presumably some work on this happened during L4 & 3. Any delay in opening past Nov 8 (6 weeks) is just taking the piss.

  2. TrevorH, 18. September 2021, 20:47

    What has this country come to? We can’t finish a road on time after all these years?

  3. Dave B, 19. September 2021, 3:46

    The present SH1 route has become much safer since the median barrier went in and the speed limit was lowered. There is no over-arching urgency to open Transmission Gully other than contractually. We have managed without it thus far and will continue to do so. The more people use the train and the less people drive (by either route), the greater the societal benefit will be.

  4. Don M, 20. September 2021, 8:20

    compared with nearly a quarter of a billion dollars on Wellington cycleways it looks quite good value.

  5. Graham Bloxham, 21. September 2021, 6:38

    PPP failure.