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Police called after anti-vaccination group gathers at gates to Taita College

Report from RNZ
Anti vaccination protesters were this morning outside Taita College in the the Hutt Valley where students are getting vaccinated this week.

The group calling themselves Voices for Freedom were standing at the entry to the school with signs saying ‘can we trust the media?’ and “vaccines are bioweapons”.

RNZ spoke to some students who were confused and concerned, while others were laughing.

The principal of Taita College doesn’t think protesters outside the school put any students off getting their Covid-19 vaccines.

Karen Morgan says they were warned that protesters would be there and put plans in place to ensure police were on site and students were safe. She says what happened is a shame and most of the protesters didn’t have any connection to the Hutt Valley school.

Morgan says students were reassuring her they were going to get vaccinated and weren’t deterred by what was going on outside the school gate.

She hopes the school can be used as a drive-through vaccination site for the community.

Police were at the school, and teachers were helping students to get inside.

News from Taita College
We have been able to partner with Unichem Pharmacy, under the direction from the Ministry of Health regulations and guidelines, to become a vaccination station for students attending Taita College.

You all will be aware that the Government is asking that all students 12 years and over be vaccinated, as a way for us to keep the Covid-19 Delta strain under control, and to ensure we are in a much stronger position as a nation.

The safety of our students, family and our community is a top priority. Being vaccinated is a way in which you can protect others, your friends, your family. You all matter, and in order for us as a nation to be able to move out of high Alert Levels, we need this layer of protection and 80% vaccinated. We can all make a difference, so let’s do this! This is an excellent opportunity.

What does this mean?
On Thursday 23rd September our Taita College hall will be set up for the day as a vaccination station. The Unichem team of nurses will follow all of the strict guidelines and rules of the Ministry of Health in Alert Level 2, to look after every student from start to finish.

We will then set up the date for the second vaccination day in Term 4, approximately 6 weeks after the first.

Ministry of Education policy is that written consent from a parent or legal guardian is required for school-based immunisation programmes:
“For children aged under 16 years who are being i
mmunised at school, written consent must be obtained from the parent/guardian. Individuals who are aged 16 years or older may self-consent.”
(section 2.1.2. of the Immunisation Handbook).

Of course, this vaccination is not compulsory, and if you do not wish your child to be vaccinated, there is absolutely no pressure at all – simply do not fill in the form.

Let’s get vaccinated, stay safe, break the chain, and save someone’s life!

Take care and stay safe,

Karen Morgan
Principal Taita College


  1. Tessa Kelly, 23. September 2021, 12:44

    Shame on those people protesting outside a school. If you don’t want to get vaccinated that’s your choice, but don’t go spewing your anti vax crap at my kid.

  2. Anonymous, 23. September 2021, 19:40

    Stay away from the children. I hope the anti vaxxers get karma or arrested.

  3. Hutt Valley DHB, 24. September 2021, 10:39

    A huge shout-out to the team at Unichem Upper Hutt Pharmacy for making this clinic possible. [via twitter]

  4. CJSBishop, 24. September 2021, 10:42

    Extremely disappointing to hear of anti-vacc groups ‘demonstrating’ outside another Hutt Valley secondary school today. [via twitter]

  5. Campbell Barry, 24. September 2021, 11:00

    “My friend didn’t want to get it done, she didn’t want to go somewhere, and I told her we should get it done together at school – so we did.” Meet people where they are. Love your work Taita College & Hutt Valley District Health Board. [via twitter]

  6. Carol Uren, 24. September 2021, 11:56

    Well done Taita College. Great to see pupils taking responsibility for their health.


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