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Mayor suggests arts insurance scheme

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It’s time New Zealand thought about an arts and events sector insurance scheme, not unlike that in the United Kingdom, says Wellington Mayor Andy Foster.

Mayor Foster suggests the insurance scheme in an opinion piece titled ‘WOW… who carries the can?’.

His call follows the cancellation of the World of WearableArts 2021 show and subsequent media coverage around the financial support local government and communities can be expected to commit to such shows.

“Public performance needs wraparound certainty to have any chance of longevity in our pandemic reality. Failure to acknowledge this is ignoring a future where, arts are thriving, and continue to contribute to our economic and social wellbeing.

“The United Kingdom’s Live Events Reinsurance Scheme could serve as the basis for an insurance scheme to manage risk and ensure certainty for New Zealand’s creative and performance sector,” says Mayor Foster.

Mayor Foster’s “Who Carries the Can,” opinion piece can be read here.

United Kingdom’s Live Events Reinsurance Scheme is here.

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