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Moving out: Central Library prepares to be strengthened

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At the Central Library, the Crown Relocations team are removing all the historic fittings and furniture to store them until the library is strengthened and reopened.

The building was designed by renowned architect Sir Ian Athfield and much of the furniture was commissioned by his wife Lady Clare Athfield. The chairs above were designed by furniture maker and sculptor Carin Wilson. Our heritage expert will be on hand to make sure everything is labelled, itemised and wrapped.

Any furniture or equipment that is not going into storage will be recycled, upcycled or used elsewhere in the Council to keep waste to a minimum.

carpet in library

The Central Library was closed in March 2019 after advice from engineers that the building had structural vulnerabilities.

Staff of both the library and the café had only a few hours to say their farewells and leave, so inside you can still see the remnants of its past inhabitants. Children’s dress-ups, CD covers and old wooden library rolodexes sit waiting to go their new home.

empty library

The next steps for Te Matapihi over the coming four years will be strengthening and modernising the building. This includes installing base isolators; expanding levels three and four; designing spaces for our libraries, City Archive, Council Service Centre, and Capital E to bring back Wellington’s much-loved community living room to the CBD.

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