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Cr Sparrow resigns from Wellington City Council

cr sparrow

News from WCC
Councillor Malcolm Sparrow has announced his resignation from the Wellington City Council. Cr Sparrow is a third-term city councillor representing the Takapu/Northern ward. He is Chair of the Council’s Regulatory Processes Committee.

Mayor Andy Foster says he has accepted Cr Sparrow’s resignation with a “great deal of regret.

“Malcolm has been an excellent councillor and has ably represented the city’s northern suburbs, especially Tawa. We will miss his calm and measured input, especially around the Council table.”

The date of Cr Sparrow’s resignation is within 12 months of the next triennial local election – which means, under the Local Electoral Act 2001, that the Council is not required to hold a by-election.

The Mayor and Councillors will, however, have to decide whether or not to appoint a person to fill the vacancy. Mayor Foster says this decision has to be made at the 28 October Council meeting.

The Council will also have to consider the impact on the Tawa Community Board where Cr Sparrow is a member appointed by Council.

The DomPost quotes Cr Sparrow as saying:

“I very much regret having to do so at this time but a recent health scare has driven me to make my health a top priority. I have been weighing up my options for a considerable time. A medical event earlier this week confirmed for me that I needed to remove the stress from my life in the interest of my health. I am also concerned that I am no longer able to continue making as effective a contribution as I believe I made in my first two terms as councillor.”


  1. Ray Chung, 10. October 2021, 19:32

    It’s very sad seeing Malcolm is subjected to such high pressure and stress that he needed to resign. This highlights the constant infighting in this council; looking forward to seeing a wholesale change in less that a year!

  2. TrevorH, 11. October 2021, 8:02

    Ray Chung: it won’t happen, the government has already legislated for local body elections to be able to be postponed until 2023 under the pretext of COVID response. This will allow time for the protests over the expropriation of councils’ three waters’ assets to die down.

  3. Dave B, 11. October 2021, 17:21

    Ray Chung, do you know who will be standing for council at the next elections, to potentially replace those you would like to see removed? Be careful what you wish for. A new lot may be worse.