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5.3 quake shakes Wellington

A magnitude 5.3 earthquake was felt in parts of Wellington this afternoon.

Geonet said the light quake was centred 80km north of French Pass, at a depth of 150km.

Over 17,000 people reported that they’d felt the quake. 8758 said it was light and 7113 said it was weak.


  1. Kara, 13. October 2021, 11:35

    I was practising steaming milk on a small (useless) barista machine when there was a creak. Would have not noticed it as a quake except for the announcement on RNZ.

  2. D'Esterre, 13. October 2021, 15:40

    We certainly felt it here. We generally don’t feel earthquakes until they’re over about 4. And this one was, apparently.
    Each of us received a text alert. I looked at it, assumed the quake hadn’t registered here, and a second or so later, heard the p-wave. Then came the shaking: not strong or long-lasting, but noticeable. Interesting about the text alert: that’s the first time we’ve ever had one for an earthquake.


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