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Burst water main cuts supply to five streets in Island Bay

A burst water main cut the supply to homes in five streets in Island Bay for five hours today.

Wellington Water wasn’t telling how many houses had lost their water supply. It said only that “a number” of houses were affected – in Humber St, Derwent St, Moselle St, Severn St, and Southern Cross Crescent.

It also said, at 9am:

A bulk water tanker is on its way and will be outside 55 Severn Street for residents to collect some water. Crews are operating according to Level 2 guidelines, so please ensure masks are worn and social distancing is practiced when coming to collect water.

At 1.30, Wellington Water said the broken main had been repaired. At 2pm it said crews would be working “for a while further cleaning up the area.”

On Tuesday last week, Wellington Water reported:

Work began in July 2019 to renew water mains in Derwent Street, Humber Street, Moselle Street and Severn Street to provide a reliable water network.

The work was prioritised following multiple repairs on the Severn Street watermains and repairs on Moselle Street and Humber Street. Our project has not been without its challenges, the joints between Robertson Street and Moselle Street being one of them.

However, with the use of an additional work crew and the remedial work being done (at the cost of the contractor) in parallel with our work programme, we expect to be complete with this project in January 2022; this is one month longer than originally anticipated.

The support and patience of the community has been greatly appreciated. Being on site for an extended period of time can be wearing and we’re actively looking for ways to minimise disruption wherever we can.