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New Naenae Pool – reflecting local culture and heritage

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News from Hutt City Council
We are excited to be bringing you the first look of the new Naenae Pool and Fitness centre. Before we get into the detailed design and start construction we want to check-in with the people it’s being built for to ensure it’s delivering what they asked for.

This draft concept plan has been designed to reflect what the Naenae and wider Lower Hutt community and aquatic sports told us they wanted. It also reflects local culture and heritage and has been designed to support the revitalisation of Naenae’s town centre.

The positioning of the pool facility within Walter Mildenhall Park will help support greater safety, flow through to Hillary Court and access to public transport.

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The plan is to locate the pool facility on the central-western end of Walter Mildenhall Park. This opens pedestrian access through to Hillary Court, means the pool and park users will be in the sun throughout the day, improves safety by providing visible and safe access to the town-centre and creates a more open public space in the rest of the park.

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It is important budget is closely managed and this plan has been carefully considered so we know what we are proposing is what we can afford to deliver. We have all experienced the challenges arising from the Covid pandemic. This concept design fits with the budget and we have worked hard to include all we can, including the needs of the aquatic sports users groups. We are being careful to plan for these likely cost increases and so we have made sure to prioritise what is really important in the design.

Demolition has begun and next steps will be foundation work, with construction beginning next year.