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LGWM has “a detailed plan” for transformation of Golden Mile

courtenay place transformed

News from LGWM
A significant milestone for the transformation of the Golden Mile is one step closer, with a detailed plan and preferred way forward to be considered by the Let’s Get Wellington Moving partners over the coming weeks.

The plan presents the case for change to Wellington’s central city, outlining how the preferred option of ‘Transform’ would significantly change the road layout from Courtenay Place to Lambton Quay, creating vibrant, attractive and wider pedestrian spaces, bus lanes, dedicated areas for bikes and scooters and removing private motor vehicles.

The approval of the preliminary designs by the Wellington City Council, the Regional Council and Waka Kotahi NZ Transport Agency will release the funding to begin more detailed design for the project. This will involve further engagement on the preliminary design changes proposed for the Golden Mile.

cbd transformed

“We have heard loud and clear that Wellingtonians want the central city to be safer and more attractive and accessible. We also heard that people want to get around safely and easily by walking, bike or public transport, while still ensuring good access for businesses,” says Let’s Get Wellington Moving Acting Programme Director, David Dunlop.

“Now we’re progressing to finer details of the Golden Mile project, we will address concerns about access and service delivery, while designing the Golden Mile to connect people across the central city with a reliable transport and an attractive pedestrian environment.

The Golden Mile is a key project of the Let’s Get Wellington Moving programme. We will need guidance from retailers and the business community to make it a reality. The Let’s Get Wellington Moving vision for Wellington is a great harbour city, accessible to all, with attractive places, shared streets, efficient local and regional journeys.

To realise this vision and help work towards the goal of becoming a net zero carbon capital by 2050, we need to move more people with fewer vehicles.

“This is an incredible opportunity to create the city we want for our future. The Golden Mile is the retail and hospitality heart of the central city. Transforming it is crucial for future growth. We need to make our city a better place to be and provide options for people to get around without using their car,” says David Dunlop.

In 2020, nearly 2,000 people provided feedback on proposals, with the majority indicating that they wanted to see the Golden Mile ‘Transformed’. In June 2021, Let’s Get Wellington Moving announced its preference for the transform option for Wellington’s Golden Mile, but that further development of this option was required.

The business case will be considered by Wellington City Council’s Planning & Environment committee on Wednesday 27 October, before going to the Regional Council on 28 October and the Transport Agency on 25 November. Once approved, Let’s Get Wellington Moving will move forward with detailed design, talking with businesses and occupants of the Golden Mile precinct and its side streets, as well as the public in 2022.

The Golden Mile stretches from Lambton Quay to Willis Street, Manners Street and Courtenay Place. It is Wellington’s prime employment, shopping and entertainment destination and the City’s busiest pedestrian area and main bus corridor, with most of the city’s bus routes passing along all or part of the Golden Mile every day.


  1. Caramel, 20. October 2021, 18:45

    Perhaps we can see the plans? Or are we still a few press releases away from that point?

  2. JAB, 20. October 2021, 19:56

    There are 3 options – the cheapest about $23m sorts out the roading and parking (clearways so the buses can get through ASAP at the peak times). The most expensive at $73m (recommended) does that plus spends about $53m to toss out all traffic and paves the entire Lambton Quay area. IMHO it’s a gross overspend of rates in one area of town. If you want to use the library after working hours and manage to park the EV on one of the few remaining parks, it’s still going to cost a bundle in parking fees.

  3. greenwelly, 21. October 2021, 8:55

    Meanwhile, light rail to the eastern suburbs lies dead in a ditch.

  4. Brian Dawson, 21. October 2021, 9:41

    I find it incredible that we’re nearing the end of 2021 and only just getting a business case for the Golden Mile (which has always been one of the easiest sells in LGWM) & which only triggers MORE consultation. A seriously flawed programme. [via twitter]

  5. Peter B, 21. October 2021, 15:46

    The three organisations in partnership need to deliver what the public want of a future Wellington. There needs to a transformation in thinking and so that Wellington people will get a city with innovative design and public transport. Let it happen.

  6. Cr Daran Ponter, 21. October 2021, 21:30

    Peter B – and what would that be Peter? What do the Wellington public want? I only ask because I am confronted with so many different views on what this might be.

  7. Hel, 21. October 2021, 22:02

    Has there ever been an organisation that was set up to do so much that has achieved so little. Been plagued by lightweight management from the outset, compounded by a lack of any political oversight.

  8. Claire, 21. October 2021, 22:28

    Daran: I don’t think light rail is the answer it will too expensive. The extra people coming to live along its tracks won’t be enough to make it worth the cost. Really good fast buses are the thing. Most people in Welly live in the hills. Good buses will always be our main form of PT.

  9. JAB, 21. October 2021, 22:50

    How much use would a paved Lambton Quay get? A little during the day but who wants to hang out there after hours?? Better to have clearways so parking can be available for shows/events and other non peak uses.

  10. michael, 22. October 2021, 0:01

    Seeing the low numbers of people in the CBD throughout the week and weekends these days, I wonder if Wellington will be able to claim that “it is Wellington’s prime employment, shopping and entertainment destination” for much longer.

  11. Guy M, 22. October 2021, 8:14

    “What do the Wellington public want?” We want LGWM to do what the name implies, and actually get Wellington moving, with a mass Rapid Public Transit scheme, instead of just endlessly consulting and then sitting on your hands accomplishing nothing, before consulting some more. This endless time wasting is insulting. It has been so many years now, and still not a single thing has been accomplished as yet. We want action Daran, that’s what the Wellington public want.

  12. Dave B, 23. October 2021, 12:28

    “We want action Daran, that’s what the Wellington public want.”

    But what action, Guy M? More motorways and freer-flowing traffic? Less traffic and less car-dependency? More walking and cycling? More parking outside businesses? Express buses in the Golden Mile? No buses in the Golden Mile? Light Rail? Trackless trams? Suspended rail? Bring back the trolleybuses?

    Each of these “actions” will have a group of people wanting it, and these groups make up the Wellington public!

  13. Guy M, 23. October 2021, 20:59

    Dave B – yep, all of that. Anything would be better than nothing. The eternal damning of non-action has worn out my patience long ago. I was young when I came to Wellington and they were talking about things back then. Now I’m well on the way to the grave and still nothing has happened. To be honest it doesn’t really matter any more – pick any one of those items in your list above, and just do it. Then do another. Make a decision ! Have some gumption for once and show some leadership! A half-dead kitten in a bowl of soup could make a better leader than LGWM ! This is worse than torture! It’s cruel punishment being metered out to Wellingtonians, all because we rejected their stupid bridge over the Basin. I get that we are being punished – but we have been sent to the naughty corner for so many years now that I’ve lost the will to live.

    I just want David Dunlop to stand up in public and say “We will do THIS”

  14. Cr Daran Ponter, 24. October 2021, 13:26

    Claire B: the choice of mode will largely be determined by the job required to be performed by MRT. The more intense the residential development forecast and planned for in coming years the more viable LRT becomes. So the choice of mode really comes down to how many people we are going to squeeze into southern and eastern Wellington.

    Dave B: I understand the call for action. But you can also get the wrong action. If we make bad decisions we could be living with them for several generations. The options for MRT and State Highway improvements will be in your hands on 1 November, along with supporting information. You will then be able have your say on which of the options, or which parts of options, you favour … and alternative approaches you may have.

    Have no fear, there will be plenty for everyone to argue over.

  15. Dave B, 25. October 2021, 5:31

    “Have no fear, there will be plenty for everyone to argue over.”

    Haha, yes! All we have to do is get the majority of Wellingtonians to agree that the option I favour is the one we should build 🙂