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Part of Lambton Quay blocked after glass falls from HSBC building

falling glass
WCC photo via Twitter

Emergency Services blocked off a section of Lambton Quay from early this morning till early afternoon, after a pane of glass fell from the HSBC building.

RNZ said glass continued to fall after the first pane hit the ground at about 6am. An abseiling crew was scaling the building to remove the remaining glass from the 20th floor.

Police closed Lambton Quay to all traffic, including buses, between Panama Street and Hunter Street.

Cars and buses were directed down Panama Street.

There were no reports of injuries.

But the council asked people to avoid the area.


  1. Charles Finny, 27. October 2021, 9:31

    This is pretty frightening. The panes of glass in that building are large. [via twitter]

  2. J Chris Horne, 27. October 2021, 13:33

    Is this merely an “accident” – the putty or rubber around the window frame had failed? – or is it part of the widespread problem we have seen in the CBD and on Harbour Quays of recently built buildings failing to cope with earthquakes such as the Richter 5.9 ‘quake last Friday? Could it be that the Building Code is not fit for purpose and/or building-design engineers have failed to design buildings to be erected on reclaimed land to cope with even relatively minor ‘quakes?

  3. greenwelly, 27. October 2021, 14:42

    J Chris Horne. It is clear from the photos, that the pane failed and shattered in situ, it did not come loose from the frame.

  4. Ruth, 27. October 2021, 17:37

    Ive always wondered why we are so strict with earthquake regulations but are happy to put so much glass over the footpaths. This is not the first time glass has fallen.