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Police arrive as occupiers defy Shelly Bay eviction deadline

mau whenua 1

Report from RNZ
A group facing eviction from Shelly Bay in Wellington has spoken with police this morning, as a deadline passed for the group which has been occupying land due for development.

Five police officers are at a car park nearby and have been speaking with the group, Mau Whenua.

mau whenua and police

Police turned back after driving closer to the group, who began chanting and singing waiata.

Mau Whenua have held the site for over a year and have long disputed its sale for development.

On Tuesday the council gave Mau Whenua 24 hours to relocate their camp site. Their representatives say they want to speak with the city council and the developers about the terms of their eviction notice.

A spokesperson said more people had arrived to hold down the site, and are strictly adhering to Covid-19 safety protocols.

Around 100 people are scattered along the occupation site.

Last November, the Wellington City Council voted for the sale and lease of land at Shelly Bay to The Wellington Company.