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Police check 1400 Wellington drivers – find three over the limit

Police stopped 1400 cars on SH1 at the Plimmerton weigh station last night. From so many checks, they issued only three tickets for driving with excess alcohol.

The 1400 vehicles – every northbound vehicle – were stopped between 7:30pm and 11pm.

“I want to thank those motorists for, on the whole, driving safely and to the conditions,” says Superintendent Steve Greally, Director of the National Road Policing Centre.

While the results of last night’s operation were pleasing, Superintendent Greally said it was important to keep up the hard work.

“What we want is for no motorist to be driving impaired – whether that is from alcohol, drugs, or fatigue. Please remember – when getting behind the wheel, you have a responsibility to yourself, those in your vehicle, and other road users. We’re not about to stop you having a few drinks – but if you do drink alcohol, don’t drive. It’s as simple as that.

“Ensuring you don’t drive impaired, drive at safe speeds, wear your seatbelt, and put away your cellphone, will help ensure you make it through summer unharmed.”

Present at last night’s checkpoints with Police staff were representatives of Waka Kotahi the Transport Agency and the Ministry of Transport, and the Minister of Police Poto Williams, who said she “enjoyed the experience. I was impressed with the efficient and professional operation, which I hope will serve as a timely reminder for motorists to continue to drive safely as we head into the Christmas holiday period.”

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  1. Chris Calvi-Freeman, 27. November 2021, 18:03

    Good to read that the vast majority of the drivers were sober. Now if the Police had stopped all the trucks and looked at the drivers’ mobile phones they’d have seen evidence that many of them were on the phone en route to this checkpoint. (I passed the checkpoint, going south, and my son and I saw several big-rig drivers on mobile phones going north.) Always amazes me how professional truck drivers responsible for 40+ tonnes of machinery can be chatting way on a hand-held phone.

  2. bsmith, 29. November 2021, 6:48

    You may want to look again. They are probably talking on RT Radios, which are legal to use while driving.