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Vaccine Passes needed for Kapiti’s pools, libraries and halls

News from Kapiti Coast District Council
People using Kāpiti Coast District Council pools, libraries and halls will need to carry a vaccine pass when the district moves to Orange under the new COVID-19 traffic light system on Friday. Limits on numbers allowed in at one time will still apply.

Council acting chief executive Sean Mallon says at the Orange level only people who had been double vaccinated and have the official My Vaccine Pass will be allowed to enter the Council’s public facilities.

“It’s our responsibility to do as much as we can to protect our staff and communities as we transition to living with COVID-19,” Mr Mallon said.

“Our community facilities are used by children who cannot yet be vaccinated, and the elderly and others who are particularly vulnerable to this infectious virus. We want to provide these people with the highest levels of reassurance possible. Without the requirements for a vaccine pass, many of these people may feel reluctant to use our facilities in the new COVID-19 environment.”

The requirement for vaccine passes at Council facilities does not currently apply to children under 12 years. People will still need to scan in as usual and wear masks. Limits on numbers, based on one metre physical distancing, will still apply in public facilities.

“Unfortunately, those who are not vaccinated will be unable to access our facilities. For these people we’re looking at a range of options and will provide updates as these are worked out. The elibrary Libby app is already available. You can download this to your computer or device – sign in using your library card and password,” Mr Mallon said.

“Under Orange, our parks and playgrounds are open although we strongly encourage people to wear face coverings and maintain physical distancing. We hope our community will continue to embrace the concepts of manaakitanga and kotahitanga by extending compassion and togetherness and looking out for each other.

“We understand this system is new to people and there will undoubtedly be some initial confusion as we bed into the new way of doing things, so our message is simply: get vaccinated, carry your official vaccine pass, scan in, and wear a mask in public places.”

The following requirements apply from Friday 3 December:

Pools: People will need to wear a mask, scan, and carry their vaccine pass.

Libraries: People will need to wear a mask, scan, and carry their vaccine pass.

Halls: People will need to scan in and carry a vaccine pass. The person hiring the facility is responsible for checking passes. We encourage people to wear masks.

Sports grounds: Scan in. Spectators are encouraged to wear a mask.

See the Council website www.kapiticoast.govt.nz/OurServicesCovid19 for full details and updates on our services under the traffic light system.

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