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Rainbow crossing cleaned and repainted

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The rainbow markings on Dixon Street will be repainted in early January, continuing the Wellington City Council’s commitment to recognising diversity and inclusion in the capital.

Weather depending, the work will start with a steam clean and surface preparation on Friday 7 January, with paint being applied Saturday 8 January, and the area will remain closed Sunday 9 January to allow the paint to dry.

The section of Dixon Street between Victoria Street and Taranaki Street will be closed for the duration of these works.

The site will be a No Entry, Stop / Go, Pedestrian Management and Parking Management area, which will be in place 24/7 until work is completed.

Residents/Delivery/Business Vehicles will be allowed access, which will be managed by the onsite Traffic Controllers.

Pedestrians will be managed onsite by Traffic Controllers as normal routes may be disrupted through the area.

This is the first repaint since being installed in 2018, and is expected to cost $17,600.

Fulton Hogan and Downer NZ will carry out these works with some night work scheduled. Local businesses and residents are being notified.

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  1. Ray Chung, 30. December 2021, 21:23

    How much will this cost? Why does this need to be repainted so soon as pedestrian crossings aren’t so heavy on maintenance! The WCC should get a paint company to donate the paint and have volunteers paint it?

  2. Casey, 31. December 2021, 6:15

    Even with the cost of paint now days this sum seems rather excessive, but factor in the $15K for traffic management and the plethora of WCC staff pushing paperwork, then the actual repainting cost is about what a spendthrift local body would conjure up. The cost of the work this summer means that each stripe depreciates at $1K per year.

    A large rainbow flag replaced each year would have greater impact and cost a fraction of this current idea copied from another city, and not be disruptive to change.

  3. Kara, 31. December 2021, 9:22

    Stop the traffic, get some scrubbing brushes, some environmentally friendly cleaner and enough volunteers to do the cleaning. Then watch as the cleaned area reverts to the present muddy colours once traffic resumes.

    Or leave the crossing as is and put banners up. They will last much longer.

  4. Mike Mellor, 31. December 2021, 11:22

    Better idea: make the section of Cuba St between Dixon and Manners a proper part of Cuba Mall by raising the crossing to kerb level so that it becomes a proper pedestrian-priority space. And even better: close this bit of Dixon to traffic, making it a proper space for people.

  5. michael, 31. December 2021, 12:10

    Well there are so few problems in Wellington that need money thrown at them, so why not waste $17,600 every few years to repaint a crossing. And WCC don’t forget the dots in Bond Street while you are at it, as they are looking very shabby. I am sure there is plenty of money in the “bottomless pit” to pay for that useless feature as well.

  6. Ray Chung, 31. December 2021, 15:57

    I’m not so sure that this will cost only $17,600. It was first proposed under the previous council and the cost was so high that it was deferred. Then it was approved without being voted on by council at a purported $26,500 but in fact, the council paid $86,000 for this after taking different costs out of various jam jars including road maintenance, cleaning and other budgets. I proposed at the time that the council contact Resene to donate the paint and for volunteers to paint it but the council preferred to use contractors.

  7. J Chris Horne, 1. January 2022, 14:45

    I agree with Mike Mellor – raising the Dixon Street pedestrian crossing to Cuba Mall’s level, thus extending the mall to Manners St, would complete the mall, making it an even more attractive place for pedestrians. I recommend that WCC cans the plan to repaint the rainbow crossing at $17,600 every few years. Instead,as Casey suggests, if deemed necessary, erect a flag pole to bear a gale-proof and UV-proof rainbow flag. Invest the $17,600 saved in meals or over-night accommodation for people in need.

  8. Toni, 2. January 2022, 20:34

    Maybe the council could paint all the roads green in place of the open green spaces and parks we are gradually losing to egotistical buildings and the like.

  9. Ray Chung, 2. January 2022, 21:26

    No, no Toni, don’t even suggest that the council do this! They’ll take this seriously and employ another thousand people that’ll cost us a fortune per square metre!

  10. Danny D, 2. January 2022, 23:41

    Why not get some extra bang for the buck and make the green strip a cycle lane? More quality spending from our inept council.

  11. Keith Flinders, 3. January 2022, 13:58

    I find it strange that any group/organisation would want their emblem treated like a door mat and walked over, as well as driven over.

    A $26,000 plus extravagance that requires $6,000 a year in maintenance needs to go and be replaced with something less expensive to look after.


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