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National MP attends second anti-lockdown rally

mp at rally

Report from RNZ
A Whanganui National Party list MP has attended a second anti-lockdown and mandate protest.

MP Harete Hipango posted pictures of herself on Facebook, at a protest rally in her electorate.

She wrote about freedom and choice in her post, and criticised the label anti-vaxers.

Ms Hipango attended a similar protest in early November.

The Facebook post has since been deleted, with the MP saying: “I have taken down the Facebook post ….- it has been pointed out to me that it could convey an anti vaccination message which was never my intention.”

The NZ Herald says she deleted it after receiving a call from National leader Christopher Luxon.


  1. Russell Brown, 9. January 2022, 8:47

    It’s a Voices for Freedom protest. That group has constantly promoted antivax misinformation, for the past year. Hipango’s claim that she had to have that “pointed out” to her is risible. [via twitter]

  2. Hamish Keith, 9. January 2022, 10:39

    Whatever happens now to list MP Harete Hipango will be a real test of Luxon’s promise for a National new start – tossing her out of the waka would help. [via twitter]


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