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21-year-old standing for City Council

Press Release from Jevan Goulter
Jevan Goulter, 21 years old and standing for Lambton Ward, Wellington City Council.

The Wellington City Council is dying for a breath of fresh air in my opinion. It seems we need some proactive people in that chamber so things will actually happen in this city of ours.

We claim to be the business, arts, culture and heritage capital of New Zealand, which means we need to be doing a bit (a lot) more than we are now to keep that title. More support of community and public/free events, I’ve seen the events floor in the council building and theres enough space and staff there to start making events interesting and appealing to the people of Wellington.

Now we have one Mayoral candidate saying “free WiFi in the city “, and that person (Jack Yan) is right, it will be great for everybody and especially business’s and we have a great fiber optic network in Wellington so it is the right direction to head in.

As for the “S” word, Super City, Lets watch in awe what happens with Auckland and learn from their mistakes ! If Wellington is to become a Super City we need to have proper consultation with the public, no closed door council meetings. It would probably help if we had a different local government minister because nobody likes a bulldozer.

“Two terms only ! Get in serve it and get out” that is what I say ! Then we are continously rejuvenating the council with fresh blood, fresh ideas and great visions. Eliminate the time servers and dinosours that plague us with their prescence.

I want a free shuttle service in the city, I want free rubbish bags for pensioners, manners mall saved and a venue for performers in the city that holds between 1 – 5 thousand people. These are all reasonable requests are they not ? Along with common sense !

There is such a low turn out in Wellington for Local Body elections and to be honest is anyone surprised ? I am surely not !
The candidates to vote for are the same and they are not very inspirational or exciting (bar a few), and how are people supposed to get excited or inspired to vote when they only have dull pieces of drift wood to choose from ?

My main thing is lets get some proactive people in that chamber !

This election will be exciting, with young people standing, a fierce mayoralty race and Sir Bob coming to play with an unnamed team !

I’m excited and I hope Wellingtonians will get excited in 2010 as well !

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