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How about Sir Peter Jackson as King Kong on the Miramar hillside?

Scoop’s excellent columnist Gordon Campbell joins the debate on the Wellywood sign today. He makes a creative suggestion for something unique on the Miramar hillside. But first he writes:

It is pretty hard to see the logic of promoting the creativity of the New Zealand film industry via a copy of someone else’s creativity. It is especially dumb when the item in question has been trademarked, and when copying it exactly – as, reportedly, Sir Peter Jackson has been advocating for parody purposes – would quickly amount to a copyright infringement.

And later he asks:

What icon might conceivably accomplish the objective of promoting the local film industry in an original way, and with the same parodic intent?

His creative suggestion:

What about erecting a huge statue of Peter Jackson as King Kong on that Miramar hillside, with a screaming Kerry Prendergast in his arms? That might do it.

Gordon’s complete article is here.

The airport company’s Wellywood announcement is here.

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  1. Polly, 11. March 2010, 21:11

    Thank you Gordon. What an image and have not stopped smiling since I read it. How about a rehearsal on top of the Majestic Centre Tower.