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The airport still likes “Wellywood,” but now it has 9 other ideas for its sign

Press Release – Wellington Airport Limited
Wellington International Airport has selected a “Top 10” of ideas for a sign celebrating the global success of Wellington’s film industry from public suggestions on its Facebook site.

“We have received a good variety of suggestions on our Facebook site and some, more than others, relay our objectives for a sign which will gain global recognition,” said Airport CEO, Steve Fitzgerald.

Mr Fitzgerald confirmed that the original “WELLYWOOD” sign is one of the Top 10 ideas under consideration.

“WELLYWOOD has a universal recognition factor that affiliates the world-wide success of New Zealand’s film industry with its location in Wellington.
The next stage is to ask the public how other short-listed ideas can convey the messages of film, global and Wellington – the key elements we are seeking from the sign,” Mr Fitzgerald explained.

The sign, to be erected by the Airport at the Miramar cutting, will landmark the heart and soul of New Zealand’s film industry and has the potential to become a tourism attraction in its own right.

“Facebook suggestions on how to enhance the sign’s tourism potential – a walking track to the top, a viewing platform and backlighting – are all aspects that we will consider,” said Mr Fitzgerald.
The Airport will seek feedback on the Top 10 list on its Facebook site and proposes to make a final announcement around the sign design later in the year.


The Top 10 film sign ideas

We have selected a “Top 10” of ideas for a sign celebrating the global success of Wellington’s film industry and want to hear how these ideas can be developed into a sign which will gain global recognition. When people arrive in Wellington, they will see a sign that conveys the messages of film, global and Wellington. The top 10 ideas are:

Lord of the Rings sculptures
Middle-earth or Frodo’s Land
Absolutely Positively Wellington
A film sculpture
A wind sculpture
A weta sculpture

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  1. Traveller, 14. May 2010, 10:54

    Wellington. Surely that’s the only choice – if they insist on putting a sign on the hill.

  2. Maria van der Meel, 14. May 2010, 23:07

    Yes I agree if you are going to brand Wellington it do it properly

  3. elisabeth mackenzie, 16. May 2010, 21:31

    For heavens sake – the hollywood style sign is very old hat now – how many times do you see pictures of the original above Hollywood with letters fallen over. Get something NEW – the wind sculpture sounds more like it or a weta sculpture – which will also be educational.

  4. Sonja, 17. May 2010, 13:27

    Why does there HAVE to be a sign? People know which destination they’re flying into? How many more homages to Miramar do we have to have?

    Once again, if there has to be a sign, be creative and don’t copy the US – I mean, we do say we’re the “Creative Centre” of NZ….don’t we? So if we are, why do we need to copy???

  5. polly, 19. May 2010, 21:42

    Agree with Traveller, if we have to have a sign, Wellington is the obvious choice……or just cover the hill in colourful shrubs and trees.