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SCOOP INTERVIEW: Mayoral candidate O’Shaughnessy endorses Yan for Mayor

by Alex Tarrant
Wellington Mayoral candidate Bernard O’Shaughnessy has made a last-minute effort to remove himself from the election race by endorsing two of his rivals, Jack Yan and Bryan Pepperell as numbers one and two for the job, respectively.

The endorsement is a move against front-runners Kerry Prendergast and Celia Wade-Brown, and could boost Yan’s chances of becoming Mayor for voters who haven’t yet sent in their voting forms.

O’Shaughnessy told Wellington.Scoop today that voters should list him as their third choice for Mayor after Yan and Pepperell, and not list other candidates at all.

O’Shaughnessy, a Newtown resident who is also standing for the Southern Ward, said he was backing Yan for Mayor because he thought the businessman would unite the council.

Yan said he was grateful for the support, and urged those who hadn’t voted to do so.

Less than 20% of eligible voters had returned their forms by yesterday evening. Voting forms must be in by midday on October 9.

Alex Tarrant is a student in the Massey University Diploma of Journalism course.

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  1. Bertrand Brown, 2. October 2010, 11:35

    Jack Yan’s position on rates taken from The Chamber Of Commerce Questionaire.
    6. Would you support a rates target so that council’s rates income does not exceed the combined rate of inflation and population growth per year?
    Not so much a target, but I support a review of the rates’ increases with consultation from the business community and to ensure they are consistent with our longer-term funding policies. I don’t want to add to the burden of businesses.
    7. Do you support the use of differential rates whereby business rate payers pay more than residential rate payers per dollar of rateable land? If so, why?
    No, and I would also review the development contributions’ policy. I believe the Local Government (Rating) Act 2002 is flawed and that the differential is unfair. Rates should not be solely a revenue-raising mechanism.