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Councillor seeks public consultation before making decision on new roads

Councillor Helene Ritchie has given notice that at the extraordinary meeting of the Wellington City Council on Wednesday she will move that the council should carry out public consultation before reaching a decision on whether or not to support the NZ Transport Agency’s roading plans for the city.

As leader of the council’s environment portfolio, Councillor Ritchie says she is concerned that the roading plans are a significant threat to the town belt and will also impact on the Basin Reserve.

“Wellington’s City’s defining point of difference as a world class city lies in its natural environment – not in motorways through people’s lives, homes and recreation green space. Wellington’s economic future, tourism and healthy sustainability are centred in its natural environment, not in new motorways,” says Councillor Ritchie.

Her motion, to be seconded by Councillor Stephanie Cook, says:

That the Wellington City Council undertake full public consultation with the people of Wellington on the Transport Agency’s option(s), intention, and designs, routes, property and Town Belt and Basin Reserve impacts of their roading proposal(s) prior to any decision by Council to confirm (or otherwise) the Council’s position on Wellington RONS (Road of National Significance) transport improvements for State Highway One, south of Ngauranga.

Explanation of the motion:

An extraordinary meeting has been requisitioned by nine councillors to be held on 20 April at 5.30 p.m.

• The purpose of that meeting is “to confirm (or otherwise) Wellington City Council’s position on Wellington RONS (Road of National Significance) transport improvements for State Highway One, south of Ngauranga”
• However, the Council has yet to receive or review or approve the specific option(s), routes, designs which the NZTA intends to pursue.
• Double tunnels on the Terrace and Mt Victoria, four laning to the airport or part of the way, and road widening through Thorndon will all impact heavily on homes and businesses in Wellington and particularly in the Eastern Suburbs – Hataitai, Kilbirnie, Miramar, also Thorndon and Mt Victoria, and the CBD
• Some of the Town Belt and Basin Reserve will be alienated in all likelihood.
• NZTA has written to the Council saying that it wishes to “proceed to public consultation on aspects of the plan that we are leading”.
• But the Council needs to know the detail of the aspects of the plan that NZTA is leading and on which it intends consulting
• The Council needs to then have the view of the Wellington City public prior to giving any approval to NZTA.

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  1. Hamish M, 19. April 2011, 11:57

    This is good, every resident deserves an opportunity to let their views be heard on this issue. Any councillor who doesn’t support consultation is undermining democracy.