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Wellington Airport stops work on Wellywood sign, panel to review alternatives

Press Release – Wellington Airport Limited
As foreshadowed last week, Wellington Airport is responding to the feedback it has received from the Wellington community on the proposed Wellywood sign on the Miramar Peninsular.

“We have listened to community views. We are inextricably linked to the Wellington economy and community, and we always strive to act in the best interests of Wellington.” said Wellington Airport CEO, Steve Fitzgerald.

“The sign has always been about putting Wellington firmly on the map as a film tourism destination and the process to date has exceeded our expectations of international media coverage. The name Wellywood was chosen from a process 15 months ago, but clearly has opposition. For this reason, we have decided to put options through a community selection process.”

“Accordingly, we are inviting a group of individuals representing a range of Wellington interests and views to form a panel. The panel will consider alternative sign options and the details of a process to engage Wellingtonians in a decision between Wellywood and the alternative(s).”

“We will publish the names of the panel members, and the draft terms of reference, shortly. It is our intention to allow Wellingtonians to express their views in a way that counts.”

The Airport will participate in the work of the panel as a facilitator, and will not vote on the alternatives.

“Wellingtonians are passionate about their city, so let’s combine our passion to get Wellington’s message to the World.”

During this time, contracted preparatory work for a sign will continue in anticipation of a sign of some description being decided. Work has been halted on creating the Wellywood letters.

“I have briefed a number of stakeholders about this process over the past week and have received very favourable feedback on the proposed engagement process”, Steve Fitzgerald concluded.

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  1. The City is Ours, 3. June 2011, 2:34

    “Work has been halted on the Wellywood letters.” No really? The City is Ours, after being tipped off by one of the organizers of the Wellywood protest, deployed its agent Benjamin Easton to uncover and confirm that the registered owner of the Wellywood trade mark is Grow Wellington.

  2. Barbara Prescott, 16. June 2011, 15:13

    As Wellington is a centre for making pictures and our scenery is as pretty as a picture, why not make the sign to read PICTURESQUE