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Consultation on flyovers begins next month; public feedback “will help guide us”, claims Transport Agency

News release from NZ Transport Agency Wellington Regional Office
The NZ Transport Agency (NZTA) yesterday confirmed that detailed proposals to improve transport connections between the inner city and the Eastern suburbs will be released for public comment on Saturday July 2.

NZTA Regional Director Central Jenny Chetwynd says this will be the first time the full set of proposals has been presented together as an integrated package, and the NZTA will ask Wellingtonians for their views on the proposals over the course of an eight week public engagement period.

Ms Chetwynd says the NZTA’s proposals will enable multi-modal transport solutions to be implemented between the CBD and the eastern suburbs. Proposals will include options for improvements to the road network around the Basin Reserve, the duplication of the Mount Victoria Tunnel, the widening of Ruahine Street and Wellington Road, and a 2.5km pedestrian and cycle facility.

“These improvements will help to relieve congestion, free up key suburban roads to enable public transport to operate more efficiently, and provide a safe and dedicated pathway for pedestrians and cyclists all the way from Cobham Drive to Karo Drive,” says Ms Chetwynd.

“This will help to make Wellington a more successful and liveable city that is easier and safer to get around for everyone. The NZTA is eager to engage with Wellingtonians on these proposals, and public feedback will help guide us in making final decisions.”

Ms Chetwynd says the NZTA is working closely with Wellington City Council and Greater Wellington Regional Council to ensure the improvements will advance the objectives of the Ngauranga to Airport Corridor Plan.

“These improvements form a key part of the Ngauranga to Airport Plan, which is a package of measures that will improve transport in the city by improving inner city traffic flows, facilitating the council’s existing and future public transport systems and improving walking and cycling facilities in the city.”

The inner city state highway improvements will also form part of the Levin to Wellington Airport Road of National Significance, aimed at supporting economic growth, easing congestion and improving safety on highways and local roads.

Ms Chetwynd says the delivery of these projects will be staged over time, but the NZTA will provide people with information on all of the proposed improvements at the same time so that it is clear how they will work together to improve transport in the city.

Ms Chetwynd said during the engagement process the NZTA would outline how provisions for public transport, walking and cycling fit in with the proposed improvements to SH1.

“We’re confident that people will see that we’re taking a balanced and multi-modal approach that seeks to provide an effective transport solution for Wellingtonians while also considering the effects of these improvements on Wellington’s environmental, urban amenity and cultural heritage.”

The NZTA will also release information about its investigations of other options considered but not put forward in the proposals, particularly in regards to options around the Basin Reserve.

Ms Chetwynd says the NZTA is very mindful of the need to keep all property owners affected by the proposed transport improvements well informed.

“We are approaching all affected property owners individually to discuss these proposals before we release details for wider public engagement.”

Ms Chetwynd says a brochure will be sent to all households in Wellington City in early July outlining the proposals.

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  1. The City is Ours, 11. June 2011, 11:46

    It’s a package!! Like Manners Mall was a package it means they have to have it. They will do anything and everything to maintain their stance and once their publicity machine starts running in overdrive is when we all get a glossy flyer in the mail with pretty pictures and endorsements from all the big boys, and you should know it’s a done deal.

  2. Brent Efford, 12. June 2011, 0:10

    What hypocrisy! They have determined that Wellington is to be “motor city” even though geography and the realities of an oil-constrained future mean that such a strategy is totally inappropriate. “Clean green NZ”? Yeah, right!

    “Multi-modal approach? NZTA is funding the “high quality public transport spine study” mainly to ensure that it doesn’t produce the light rail result that every other city is implementing, or pose any threat to the continued expansion of highways. No more “multi modal” than the old Transit New Zealand.

    NZTA is the Government arm of the highway lobby, immune from the cutbacks that are affecting the rest of the public service. And all because the Government is funded by the truckies and thinks that “sustainability” is a joke (and certainly must not be mentioned by public servants).

  3. Keith Flinders, 14. June 2011, 14:02

    What NZTA are saying they intend doing, and what Wellington will get many years down the track, are likely two different things.

    Look at the inner city bypass that was 30 odd years in the making, and is a new road with several intersections with existing roads instead of a cutting. All it did was move congestion further south and did nothing to reduce emissions.

    I don’t expect to see a second tunnel and flyover in my lifetime.