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Vote no for both flyover options

One week of the eight-week consultation period is already over – leaving less than seven weeks to tell the Transport Agency what we think of their flyovers and their other roading plans. The best suggestion so far has come from Maximus on Eye of the Fish, who recommends that everyone sends a submission saying:

I vote for neither of the two options presented.
I demand to see a full and fair evaluation of all the other schemes that you have had for the last 2-3 years.

Maximus’s criticism of the flyovers is pungently to the point:

Of option two:

No one in their right mind would want to see [it] tootling through the city … Does anyone really expect anyone on the planet to vote for that one, except perhaps five old men at the cricket ground? The chances of a giant snaking roadway like that, completely alien to Wellington’s topography, and racing between buildings like a bad mash-up of Blade Runner and Metropolis, is really just a non-starter

And option one:

The other choice that is not a choice at all

And the second tunnel:

The works at the Basin make no sense unless the second tunnel is drilled at the same time. “Solving congestion” in one spot and then allowing it to choke up again a mere 100m away is a kind of no-brainer

And the changes in Ruahine Street:

As a barrier across the communities, this 5-6 lane highway will be a massive blockade to anyone walking, running or cycling, and it blasts through property in a manner that considers only the cars.

There’s much more to tell the Transport Agency about. A few examples:

Does anyone agree that St Pat’s should lose up to five metres of its school grounds?

Does anyone agree that 15 metres of Kilbirnie Park should be lost?

Surely no one agrees that 35 metres of town belt should be taken to make way for six lanes of traffic (six lanes!) in Ruahine Street.

There are many more questions to be asked and many concerns to be expressed. But will Hataitai and Kilbirnie residents be doing anything to defend their communities? And if (and when) they do, will the Transport Agency pay any attention?


  1. stu stewart, 12. July 2011, 13:51

    It might be useful to peruse this website. http://www.nzta.govt.nz/projects/basin-reserve/publications.html
    It seems to respond to Maximus’s concerns which you outline in your article

  2. Tony, 12. July 2011, 15:05

    Well I for one will be Voting YES ! for Option One.

    This is because Wellington must fix this traffic bottleneck . . . for the good of the city.

  3. Traveller, 13. July 2011, 0:28

    The good of the city will not be improved by building a concrete bridge across Kent and Cambridge Terraces. Bottleneck? The current delays are minimal and can be resolved at ground level without such ugliness in the sky.

  4. Jamiej, 13. July 2011, 7:21

    Tony. Please read Traveller’s comments. Solutions can be found at ground level AND BELOW. Thousands of tonnes of concrete in the air won’t fix it and will bring its own set of problems. Your blind support of a flyover only demonstrates a lack of knowledge or understanding.

  5. Robin Maconie, 13. July 2011, 8:42

    The Basin Reserve was originally a marina for goodness’ sake. Raise the whole space by a few metres and create underpasses for street traffic underneath the spectator banks to the east.

  6. Laura, 13. July 2011, 14:35

    Traveller – You mean resolve the delays at ground level by the Council imposing 40kph, and a few painted lines here and there? The problem with anti flyovers activists is that they are not caught in the bottleneck traffic day in, day out, otherwise they wouldn’t claim such nonsense.

  7. Maximus, 13. July 2011, 15:48

    Tony, Stu,
    Vote No now. There are other options – Wellington deserves better.

  8. Nora, 13. July 2011, 15:52

    Well said Traveller. For the last ten days I have had to travel to Wellington Hospital at least twice a day. One morning I was at Park Street at 12 minutes to nine and and headed off down Murphy/Mulgrave and along the waterfront, with all the lights green and just a slight holdup at the Basin (with 3 schools in the area not too surprising), and I arrived in the hospital car park just after nine. I was never over the speed limit. Ditto the return journey round the Basin and Cambridge Terrace. I ask myself why are we taxpayers being asked to approve millions of dollars to save a few minutes. I suggest those in a hurry to get to the airport should follow the trucks and lorries that all go via Oriental Bay, with no traffic lights from Waitangi Park to St Pats corner.