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Regional Council gives itself a second chance to debate the Basin flyover

Release from Sustainable Wellington Transport
Though the Wellington City Council has come out against the NZTA’s Basin Reserve flyover plans – the Economic Committee of the Greater Wellington Regional Council has voted to support the flyover. Now you can let the full Wellington Regional Council know what you think of that decision.

The full Council will be considering the issue on Tuesday 1 November at 9.30am, and there’s a chance for public participation at the start of the meeting, which takes place at 142 Wakefield Street.

If you want to voice your opposition, the best option is to ask to speak. Ring Greater Wellington on 04 384 5708 the day before the meeting and say you’d like to speak, and then turn up on the day. If you can turn up, but don’t want to speak, come along anyway, as your presence will be felt.

And if you can’t make it on the day, you can still help. Before 1
November, send an email calling for Greater Wellington to oppose the flyover to Councillor Paul Bruce, Paul.Bruce@greens.org.nz, and he will table the emails he receives at the meeting.

The Wellington City Council’s opposition to the flyover has already made NZTA’s life more difficult. Let’s cause them some more embarrassment.