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Time off to vote

by Grant Robertson
It was great to see this sign when I popped into Astoria Cafe in Wellington earlier today. Good on them for making sure that their employees have the chance to go out and vote.

Not everyone knows that there are legal requirements for employers to give employees time to go and vote if they are working on election day.

The relevant bit of the law is S162 of the Electoral Act. The guts is that if a person has not had a reasonable opportunity to vote before starting work the employer has to let them go from 3pm for that purpose, and they can not deduct their pay. If they have to be there after 3pm, reasonable arrangements should be made for the employee to be able to take the time to vote. Most employers are aware of this, and are flexible, but its important people know their rights. And the right to vote is one not to be messed with.

Also worth noting that advance voting is available around the country over the next few days if for any reason you are not going to be able to get to the polls on Saturday.

Grant Robertson is the Labour MP for Wellington Central. This article was first published in the Red Alert blog.

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  1. Right Wing Rebel, 25. November 2011, 15:46

    It’s not often that I will agree with Grant on anything, but I do in this case. It is important that everyone has time to vote tomorrow, if they haven’t been able to do a special one already.

    As my dad used to say “if you don’t vote, you can’t complain for the next 3 years” 🙂