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Paul Eagle attacks parking review for its “focus on money, not people”

Press Release – Paul Eagle
A Wellington City Council review of parking has completely ignored motorists and city users, says Councillor Paul Eagle.

“Council management have undertaken a narrow information gathering exercise with a focus on money, not people.

“The idea of public service is clearly foreign to some.

“There is, in these times, an extraordinary preoccupation with stripping people of money and pretending it’s customer service.”

Councillor Eagle said he supported measures to control costs and use infrastructure wisely, but wanted Council officers to put people first.

“People should at the heart of everything we do as a city, not revenue gathering or gouging as the case maybe.

“I think you’d be hard pressed to find a motorist, city visitor or retailer with something good to say about our parking services, parking prices, or parking wardens. And that is a major reputation issue for our city.

The Southern Ward councillor’s comments relate to a recent Council process called a Request for Information or RFI, which asked parking companies to supply information about their prices and other matters.

Council parking services is currently outsourced to Tenix Solutions NZ Ltd, a privately owned Australian company that subcontracts the Parkwise division of Armourguard to do the work.

Councillor Eagle says Parkwise wardens weren’t the best ambassadors for the city because they were incentivised to penalise people, not to promote fair use of parking spaces.

“These folks are paid to do one thing only – catch people out, and write as many tickets as they can.

“In my view that’s wrong, but the RFI doesn’t address this wrongdoing.

“The solution is simple. Council must ask Wellingtonians what they want from our parking services. That includes ratepayers, motorists, taxi and courier companies, retailers, and visitors.

“Our city’s reputation is at stake and so is our relationship with people of the region.”

Councillor Eagle is demanding that a report comes to Councillors for deciding the preferred delivery of parking services.

He says he will not allow a repeat of the CitiOperations debacle which resulted in the loss of over 500 years of institutional knowledge and skills a week before a tremendous storm hit the city causing serious and widespread damage.

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  1. PeterK., 25. July 2013, 22:05

    As much as most Wellingtonians will support Paul Eagle and his quest for justice and integrity regarding getting answers out of Armourguard, Tenix, or Parkwise and their staff, the biggest hurdle he faces is Andy Foster, who regards all parking infringements and fines as his personal source of revenue. There to be squandered on his agendas.
    He refuses to have the parking infringements brought back in-house, least they become accountable.

  2. Hel, 26. July 2013, 17:38

    You would have thought that Councillor Eagle would have taken his discussion through his fellow councillors rather than going through the press. Strikes me as self serving and lacking a bit of integrity, the words RFI suggest to me that this process is at a very early stage of information gathering, still looks like too good an opportunity for Councillor Eagle to row his own boat and promote himself.

  3. Curtis Nixon, 26. July 2013, 21:03

    Good on you Paul, keep it up!

  4. Hayley Robinson, 27. July 2013, 0:02

    Cr Eagle, thank you for this: I can only hope that other current Councillors quietly feel the same way in order that we can see progress. The ridiculousness of the parking issue was once again brought home to me the other day when a Hataitai resident was talking about the Kilbirnie road works. She said she had given up going there to shop (even though it was the most convenient place) not only because the surfaces are still difficult for prams, but also because with the lack of road markings, she was concerned that she would end up with a ticket even if she tried to park correctly.

    Yet in other areas around the city, we have the opposite issue: short term parking is seldom enforced, leading to loss of impulse buyers for stores. This could be done in a pleasant, customer friendly way, by issuing warnings rather than tickets for first ‘offenses’. It’s like there is a handbook somewhere on how to smother small business.

    Hayley Robinson
    Onslow-Western Ward candidate