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John Morrison pledges to overhaul city’s “over-zealous” parking rules

Press Release – John Morrison
Mayoral candidate John Morrison has come out in support of southern ward councillor Paul Eagle’s concerns that Wellington City is ignoring motorists and city users by “stripping people of money and pretending it’s customer service.”

The council’s contract with privately owned Australian company Tenix and Parkwise, a division of Armourguard, is under review, which Mr Morrison said presented a perfect opportunity to overhaul the present set-up.

“We’ve got a green mayor who wants to make life as difficult as possible for motorists coming into the city and we’ve got an over-zealous private army of traffic wardens combing the city and suburbs with their automatic instant fine machines at the ready.

“Wellington’s parking makes the city very children-unfriendly. It’s much easier and safer for shoppers to drive to a mall in Porirua, Lower Hutt or Coastlands, get a free park and shop for as long as they like. The internet is slaying bricks and mortar retailers and the council’s revenue-gathering policy is keeping people away from Wellington’s CBD shops in droves.

“Our cornerstone CBD retailers are withering and if they fail it will become harder to levy rates. If this scenario is played out the traffic ticket revenue would be peanuts compared to the multi-millions of lost rates because the CBD shops are empty.

“We’ve got to remember that we are elected to look after the best interests of Wellingtonians and the present parking police culture contradicts this mandate.”

Mr Morrison said the original intent of parking control was to ensure car parks were available for shoppers and not hogged by all-day workers.

“You only have to mention parking and just about everyone’s got a war story that’s made them angry and upset because they feel they have been treated harshly and unfairly,” Mr Morrison said.

“If I become Mayor I will change the system and the culture of the parking police. I will be looking at technology as a means of delivering on this promise.

“Wellington needs a balanced public-private transport system, which at the moment it is missing.”

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  1. PeterK., 1. August 2013, 10:49

    Only one way to achieve this Mr. Morrison, that is to consign Mr. Foster, if he is re-elected, to one of the minor portfolios. My suggestion would be gardening on Ward Island. That’s about all he’s capable of after the disasters of Manners Street/Willis Street, John Street, and Kilbirnie. All those happened under Mr. Foster’s watch !!

  2. Nora, 1. August 2013, 12:09

    Another “copy cat” Mr Morrison……Mr Eagle said it first!

  3. andy foster, 1. August 2013, 22:06

    Peter K (Kennedy I assume) – Kilbirnie isn’t a transport project, so I haven’t been involved with it. The others don’t look like disasters to me. I’d certainly acknowledge that there were some rocky bits with respect to John Street – but that was much improved when officers began communicating every week with businesses and the residents association, explaining what was planned to be done and when, and where there were options – sought views on those options. That needs to become the standard on projects – from the beginning. The Newtown Residents Association did some great work in codifying engagement and communication protocols in their ‘John St protocol’.

    In respect of parking enforcement – I expect technology and changes to contracts will make it a more customer friendly service.

  4. Peter K., 2. August 2013, 0:06

    The Master of the Transport Portfolio again turns denier !! Andrew Foster: we all know the work around Rongotai Road/Bay Road is for when the bus lanes are put in, and Bay Road has been narrowed to make it less friendly for vehicles, which makes it easier in the long-term for like-minded people, such as yourself, to take the traffic out of Bay Road all together.
    As for John Street: a four month engagement lasted almost a year. The same thing happened in Kilbirnie – although to be fair, their plan was six months. Both projects have lasted a year. Even in Miramar, a 12 week plan has gone into week 16 – says it all. Foster = well, you put the name to it !!
    With the site foreman liaising with businesses in the various localities, at John Street, only one business was ever informed. The rest were simply ignored, despite numerous pleas and representations by the businesses there. Even with all the ‘up-dates’, nothing was ever kept to schedule.
    The ‘John Street Protocols’ – really only reiterating Council Policy – nothing new. A bit like ‘kissing your sister’ – why bother!! Still, the Newtown Residents Association probably need to feel appreciated, after standing idly by, watching the shambles unfold at John Street!!
    Finally, parking charges/enforcement – never in the history of this nation has one Council been so greedy, so underhand, so deceptive or so malicious, and remember Andrew, it was you who fought to keep the spy-camera car. Talk about bring this city into disrepute. Shocking.
    When John Morrison wins the Mayoralty, I wouldn’t even let you near the school crossings. You’d scare the children.

  5. CPH, 2. August 2013, 10:09

    John Morrison has the opportunity to do something practical about his campaign promise straight away – he can stop the post-quake price gouging by the car park operators: http://www.stuff.co.nz/dominion-post/news/8993141/Parking-fees-increased-after-earthquakes

    I look forward to Mr Morrison’s press release next week telling us how he has brought prices back down to a more reasonable level.

  6. Gazza Glitter, 2. August 2013, 17:53

    C’mon Morrison, this has nothing to do with Celia! Parkwise and parking fee increases happened under your best buddy Prendergast. It’s no use bleating about rates from businesses either, because she saw to it that the bulk of the rates money was transferred from business to residents as well.

  7. Lee, 2. August 2013, 23:03

    “If I become Mayor I will change the system and the culture of the parking police. I will be looking at technology as a means of delivering on this promise.”
    Now that’s a concrete, clear, precise, costed, measurable strategy, plan, blah blah blah promise to deliver.
    More hot air from someone who has been on Council for a hundred years and still can’t point to anything other than a couple of sporting events and plastic turf as his ‘achievements’.

  8. laura, 4. August 2013, 12:16

    Andy Foster you received an email on the 16th February from Peter Kennedy, also copied was the Mayor and CEO, subject title was “Why isn’t everyone receiving weekly updates regarding the John Street updates?”. In that email Mr Kennedy was alarmed as to why one business at John Street was kept in the loop, while all the other businesses affected weren’t. Please don’t mislead readers by stating that the John Street retailers were updated, particularly when it has cost the ratepayers substantially to clean up the mess/messes with compensation on projects under your watch as transport leader.