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EPA receives 82 per cent opposition to Basin Reserve flyover

The Environmental Protection Authority has released details of submissions about the Transport Agency’s Basin Reserve flyover plan. A total of 215 submissions were received. Of this total, 178 submitters (82.7%) oppose the flyover in full or in part.

In comparison, only 33 submitters (15.3%) support the flyover in full or in part.

Of those opposing the flyover, 161 submissions oppose it in full, and 17 oppose it in part.

Of those supporting the flyover, only 19 support it in full. The other 14 support it in part.

162 of the submissions ask that the flyover proposal be declined. Only 15 ask for it to be approved, though another 27 say it should be approved with conditions.

A majority of the submissions are from individuals.

The EPA says a wide range of concerns have been raised.

Only one submitter is neutral; two have a range of views; one has not clearly specified a position.

Eighty per cent of the submissions are from Wellington. Over a quarter of the submissions (26%)are from the suburb of Mount Victoria.

The full report on the submissions is here