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Death of Leonie Gill, 15 years a city councillor

Leonie Gill, a Wellington city councillor for 15 years and a longstanding resident of Rongotai, died this morning.

When we wrote about her during the recent election campaign, a reader said she spent “a huge amount of time helping people in the community” and another said “she’s an easy person to get hold of when you need a hand with a problem.” But she was defeated in the election.

Here’s how she described herself in the campaign:

Prior to becoming a City Councillor, she was employed as a draughtsperson with a leading engineering firm, for many years. Leonie has been associated with local community groups and chaired the committee which opposed the sale of Wellington Airport shares. She remains opposed to the sale of strategic assets. Leonie has a strong interest in Resource Management and now chairs the Regulatory Processes Committee. She is the Council representative on the Pacific Advisory Group. She achieved getting back the Leisure Card for seniors.

Leonie strongly supports projects for the Eastern Suburbs. Maintenance and upgrades of basic services are a priority. Growing traffic issues in the Eastern Suburbs must be addressed. Planning issues are addressed through the review processes of the District Plan and she wants to see this continue. To inform her actions, Leonie consults regularly by letter and leaflets, listens and acts.

Mayor Celia Wade-Brown said today that Ms Gill had worked hard for the people in Eastern Wellington and all the council’s housing tenants.

Mayoral candidate Jack Yan said: A wonderful councillor who represented my ward selflessly. I will miss her New Year cards.

Southern ward councillor Paul Eagle praised her for her grassroots community service.

MP Grant Robertson said she was a champion of her community and the people in the eastern suburbs of Wellington.

After her election defeat, WCC Watch wrote:

It is no secret that Gill has battled ill-health throughout the campaign and blogs including this one had questioned whether it was time for her to slow down and not seek re-election after such long service. Of course, she would have none of that and fought a brave fight, launching herself into the campaign as she had always done … Gill harks back to a time when direct mail, door knocking and getting out and listening to constituents (instead of talking at them) was valued. Southern Ward Councillor, Paul Eagle, paid tribute to Gill in his victory speech and highlighted the impact she had had on his campaign activities and the lessons he had learned from her at the council.

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  1. Merran, 4. November 2013, 19:59

    Leonie helped anyone who asked, she was a wonderful lady, totally happy in her “patch”.