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Peter Dunne compares Greens with Taleban

United Future leader and Ohariu MP Peter Dunne today compared members of the Green Party with the Taleban. His remarks, at the party’s annual conference in Johnsonville, have been deplored on social media.

The NZ Herald reports he said that some of the Green Party’s MPs are as extreme as Afghanistan’s Taleban and that the political left has hijacked the making of environmental policy and shut mainstream New Zealanders out of the debate.

“It is no great surprise that many people who do care have simply walked away and left it to the extremists because they do not want to be part of the other claptrap. The Green Party has captured the market for environmental outrage.

“In an open society, there is a place for a Green Taleban – but that is at the fringes, not centre-stage.”

The DomPost reports that he said part of the reason New Zealand’s environmental credentials have taken a hammering was because environmental policy had been hijacked by the political left, and many people who cared had succumbed to the notion that unless you were a Green, you couldn’t have any concern for our environment.

“But mainstream New Zealanders do care about environmental issues and the mainstream giant is stirring from its slumbers.”

The DomPost also reported the comparison with the Taleban:

“In an open society, there is a place for the Green Taliban, but it is at the fringes, and not centre stage.”

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Hey, Peter


  1. ian S, 9. November 2013, 19:49

    Squeals of “environmental-Taleban tactics” are the final desperate act of a man who has been prepared to trade his ethics with votes in support of damaging another generation of NZers through tobacco, gambling, security leaks and destructive mining pollution. Please Peter, retire now before you totally destroy all lingering memories of the small good you did in your community in the distant past. Your time has gone.

  2. Kara Lipski, 10. November 2013, 11:32

    Poor Peter – he seems only to be able to use “argumentum ad hominem” in attempt to degrade his political opponents (The Greens). New Zealand electors are well educated in recognising political desperation and Peter Dunne’s statements have that tinge. I agree – it’s high time Peter retires from politics.