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Takapu Valley residents ‘ambush’ Transport Agency to protest against roading plan


More than 50 Takapu Valley residents confronted the Transport Agency today over its proposal to put a link road (from Grenada North to the Transmission Gully expressway) through their properties.

“This is an illogical, odd, unplanned, mysterious and secretive development,” said local farmer Stephen Mulholland, quoted in a report from One News. Residents said they had been blind-sided by the news, but so too was Transport Agency project manager Jo Draper who thought she was attending a private meeting with Mr Mulholland, who admitted they had “ambushed” the Agency.

“We feel the Agency ambushed us two days ago with this plan out of nowhere,” he said.

Ohariu MP Peter Dunne said the proposal should be scrapped.

“There has been far too long a period of discussion about Transmission Gully and Petone to Grenada anyway,” he told One News. “To have this issue never ever raised during these discussions and then dropped on people, I think is just totally unacceptable.”

One News video coverage

Radio New Zealand reports that a united front of Takapu Valley residents held a morning meeting with Mr Dunne, before the arrival of the Transport Agency representative, who had arranged a meeting with landowner Steve Mulholland but refused to meet him and other neighbours while media were present.

Mr Dunne called the agency’s attitude over the meeting arrogant and a disgrace, and said he would fight for the residents’ rights. He said people’s lives have been thrown into turmoil by the roading plan.

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