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Fifth billboard challenges Peter Dunne’s support for spy legislation


News release from People’s Power Ohariu
John Key’s unfulfilled assurance to Peter Dunne for a review of the SIS and GCSB operations after the passage of the GCSB legislation is the focus of the latest in the “Hey Peter!” billboard campaign in the Ohariu electorate.

The fifth of the series of billboards put up by People’s Power Ohariu challenging Peter Dunne’s position on a range of issues supported by the Ohariu MP asks him if he has been “Dunne over by Key on the spys review?”.

Peter Dunne had defended his change from opposition to the Government’s controversial GCSB spying legislation to support for the Bill as the result of a deal with prime minister John Key – “willing seller – willing buyer”.

People’s Power Ohariu began its “Hey Peter!” billboards after Dunne had refused to “engage” with or meet local constituents who were campaigning against his support of the asset sales legislation.

Other People’s Power Ohariu billboards over the past year have challenged Peter Dunne’s voting record on controversial legislation which has passed into law by just his one vote – including the asset sales Mixed Ownership Model and the Sky City Convention Centre pokie deal.

Peter Dunne’s back down on his support for a cap on interest rates in the so-called Loan Shark Bill resulted in a legislated cap being lost by one vote last month – Peter Dunne’s vote. New Zealand is out of step on loan shark interest rates with caps already adopted in countries from the US, UK, Japan, Germany, France, Italy and Mexico. Peter Dunne’s back flip on interest rate caps will also be the subject of the “Hey Peter!” billboard campaign.