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The reasons why the convention centre plans must be improved

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Wellington architectural critic Maximus is calling for improvements to the plan for a Hilton Hotel and Convention Centre opposite Te Papa.

He writes that it’s a good proposal for Wellington, and should be encouraged to go ahead, but with some strong urban design amendments.

In a submission to the city council he states:

This scheme is a potential killer of street life and needs to be adapted to improve its fit into the city. Convention Centres and large hotels can be, and often are, bland and deadly dull interventions into the cityscape, and as currently proposed this has the potential to be the same. Architecturally the convention centre at ground floor is bland and monotonous along the street edge to the front, and we know nothing about the extent towards the rear. What we do know however is that the site exists in an area that could link together many parts of the downtown Te Aro area.

There’s more

The Council’s much-vaunted desire to build a system of small scale Laneways through the city, as evidenced by the work put into the Opera House Lane, could be adapted and enhanced by this project, adding to the vibrancy and permeability of the city. Or it could ignore its own advice, and build a bland, blank, monument to corporate functions with little or no interaction with the city. We, the people of Wellington, need to ensure that it is the former, and not the later.

Read Maximus’s article (and his readers’ comments) in full here.
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