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Cyclist tells of accident on SH2 at Petone, knocked off bike by car

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Photos: NZTA

The Transport Agency and the police failed to report that Wednesday’s serious crash on SH2 at Petone involved a cyclist, who was taken to hospital with head injuries. But yesterday the cyclist contacted Wellington.Scoop to tell us how the accident happened, 50-60 metres before the Petone overbridge. He said:

The problem I had was that the car came into the cycle lane and hit me off my bike as he wasn’t concentrating on the road and was looking down at something.

He was riding on a cycle path which is not separated from other traffic. At that point of SH2 there is no separated cycleway. Another cyclist explained:

The existing offroad cycleway ends near Horokiwi, which is about 1km south of the Petone overbridge. Anyone foolish enough to use it heading north would end up having to ride up the side of the Hutt Road cycling against traffic. This sad state of affairs is the result of the Transport Agency scrapping the last km of the cycle path in order to increase the number of southbound lanes from two to three on the Hutt Road south of the overbridge.

The Transport Agency may well have been aware of this when it decided not to mention that a cyclist had been injured. Its reports said only that there would be long afternoon delays for northbound traffic because of the accident.

At first, said the Agency, the accident was partially blocking the left-hand lane northbound prior to the Petone off-ramp. Then at 12.15 it reported:
The left-hand lane northbound prior to the Petone off-ramp is now blocked due to the earlier crash. Expect delays.

And at 1pm:
Expect long delays northbound, the left-hand lane is expected to be closed for at least an hour. Take an alternate route if possible.

The road was cleared by 1.50pm, and police advised:
Due to the crash at 12noon, traffic between the Interchange and Petone was slow moving. As at 1:50pm the scene was clear and both lanes were open. There will be some delays and we ask drivers to be patient.

Like the Transport Agency, police failed to mention that the crash had injured a cyclist.

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  1. S Williamson, 21. July 2015, 9:22

    Another cyclist was hit in the same place by a truck this morning. I haven’t seen that reported by police or the NZTA either. It took a policeman to be killed on his bike before they did anything about the roundabout at Petone. Do we have to wait for that to happen on SH2 before anything is done about this death zone?