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Making up for a million dollar loss

embassy oct 2014

by Lindsay Shelton
The Wellington City Council, after ten years, has decided to resume earning an income from the two billboards on top of the Embassy Theatre.

When the city council took over ownership of the 1920s building from the Embassy Theatre Trust more than ten years ago, advertising deals were in place which earned $100,000 a year from the high-profile signage.

But the council decided it didn’t want advertising. Except for itself. The commercial deals ended. As did the income.

embassy signage for wcc

The council has spent the last ten years using the prime space for its own messages which more often than not seemed to be promoting nothing more than its phone number and website.

Lost revenue over those ten years: $1million.

So it’s been good to see that the council has at last come to its senses.

Both billboards started their new lives a few weeks ago advertising Steinlager. Now beer is still being promoted on the right side. On the left side, it’s a carpet advertisement.

Let’s hope that the council will stick to this policy of earning money. In another ten years, it should be at least a million dollars better off.