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PHOTOS: Cycleway workers welcomed with morning tea as Island Bay project begins

cycleway welcome 2
Photos by Lars Mathiasen

A group of Island Bay residents welcomed the start of the long-awaited cycleway today by giving morning tea to construction workers on their first day on the job.

cycleway welcome 3

The project on The Parade will provide new kerbside cycle lanes between Shorland and Wakefield parks, and four new pedestrian crossings. Construction began at the south end of the shopping centre near the library and will move north towards Dover Street, so that work around the main retail area can be completed ahead of the Christmas period.

cycleway welcome 4

As the work started, a legal move to oppose the cycleway was called off. A protest group had started raising money, which it says will instead be used for new initiatives for Island Bay.


  1. Frances de Gregorio, 28. September 2015, 17:33

    They are the cycling people. I live on The Parade. No one asks me if it is safe for me coming out and in my driveway.

  2. Laura, 28. September 2015, 19:55

    Morning tea, the cyclists do it so well. Cr Peck can confirm that.

  3. Vicki Greco, 28. September 2015, 21:12

    The cycle people should have been shouting the poor retailers who on day one have already been hit, with no parks for residents to shop – all taken up by trucks and utes. The sick and elderly had trouble getting to the doctors – contractors had parked utes in front of the medical centre.

  4. Guy, 28. September 2015, 23:44

    How about you just try, please, just try to give it a chance, without breaking out moaning every step of the way. We already know you hate it Vicki, but just give it a chance yeah? I live in the city, and I’ve had contractors digging up the street all last week, at all hours of the day, but I’m not complaining. Give it a go won’t you? Ta.

  5. Vicki Greco, 29. September 2015, 7:24

    I have no choice as it has been forced upon me by a minority. Time to sell my bike I think. I used to enjoy cycling to shops and back, now I would have to stop at each intersection or run the gauntlet with cars and buses. Pleasure destroyed.

  6. luke, 29. September 2015, 8:41

    i cant wait for the cycleway.