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14,000 at first day of Sevens – 24 matches, 3 arrests, 54 evictions

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It’s been a day of blistering rugby, singing, dancing and good times on Day One of the HSBC Wellington Sevens. HSBC Wellington Sevens General Manager Steve Dunbar said the crowd had built throughout the day, with about 2000 more tickets bought at the gate.

Around 14,000 fans enjoyed entertaining rugby during the 24 matches of pool play, culminating in the All Blacks Sevens snatching victory from South Africa in the dying stages of the final game of the evening.

“There’s been a fantastic vibe here on Day One, people were relaxed, had a good time and enjoyed the footy. The crowd’s support for all the teams has been outstanding,” he said.

Dunbar said the Family Zone was humming and young and old enjoyed a family day out together.

“We’ve made some changes this year and we’re pretty pleased with how Day One has gone. The weather report for Sunday looks good and we expect even more fans will turn out for a fun time and to cheer on the world’s best sevens players.”

Inspector Chris Bensemann Operation Commander for HSBC Wellington Sevens said police were pleased with crowd behaviour.

“We’re very happy with the fans today. There’s always a few people who take it too far but we have dealt with them and the vast majority of fans have had a good time and caused no issues at all,” he said.

Three people were arrested and 58 were evicted on Saturday.

Wellington Free Ambulance treated 35 people for mainly minor conditions.

The forecast for Day Two is for warm and sunny weather and fans are encouraged to remember sunscreen. The All Blacks Sevens play their quarter final match against Kenya at 1:02pm.

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  1. Ian Apperley, 31. January 2016, 16:30

    I’ve talked to a couple of very disappointed punters. The alcohol management was apparently draconian, in their words. No more than two low alcohol beers at once and only one Speights at once. There we were the weekend before able to buy four at once. Not that Speights or Tui really count as beer…
    Apparently compared to earlier years it was “dead”.

  2. syrahnose, 1. February 2016, 8:34

    Wellington City Council, that Smart little city council. What’s the next, once successful venture to leave Wellington.

  3. David Singe, 1. February 2016, 10:30

    Ian; yes, light beer was on offer. But no, they weren’t the standard option available. Punters were able to buy 4 beers at once until the very end of the event when it was dropped down to 2 per person. This is standard at the stadium for any event. Neither of the standard beers on offer were Speights or Tui. Evidence from those there is that it was quieter than previous years but far from dead with an excellent atmosphere. Sounds to me like you’re just spouting garbage or talking to punters who didn’t even attend the Sevens.