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Fran Wilde taking over from Patsy Reddy on board of Transport Agency

Former regional council chair Fran Wilde, a strong supporter of the defeated Basin Reserve flyover, has been appointed to the Board of the NZ Transport Agency, the entity which spent eight years planning the flyover before it was rejected first by the Board of Inquiry and then by the High Court.

News from NZ Government
Transport Minister Simon Bridges has appointed Fran Wilde, Chris Ellis and Leo Lonergan, and reappointed Gill Cox, to the board of the New Zealand Transport Agency.

Ms Wilde will replace Dame Patsy Reddy as Deputy Chair of the board.

“The new members have significant backgrounds in governance, leadership, regulation, decision-making and financial management,” Mr Bridges says.

“Combined with Mr Cox’s reappointment, they ensure the board will continue to have the skills and experience needed to oversee the Government’s significant investment in land transport.

“I would also like to thank Dame Patsy for her work as Deputy Chair. Dame Patsy has played a crucial role in steering NZTA through the delivery of record investments in our transport network. I wish her all the best for her new role as Governor General,” Mr Bridges says.

Mr Ellis, Mr Lonergan and Ms Wilde’s appointments are for three years and will commence on May 1. Mr Cox will serve another one year term.

NZTA is a Crown entity established in 2008 through the merger of Land Transport NZ and Transit NZ. It invests over $3 billion per year in New Zealand’s transport network, and is one of the Government’s biggest procurers.

The board has eight members, appointed by the Minister of Transport.


  1. Ian Apperley, 1. April 2016, 17:11

    Honestly, this is brilliant. We definitely need more dinosaurs in charge of moving Wellington forward.

  2. Lindsay, 1. April 2016, 18:38

    Fran gave strong and prolonged support to the costly NZTA Basin flyover project till it was rejected not only by the Independent Board of Inquiry but also by the High Court. As a reward for her support, (and ignoring her persistent misjudgement), she is now appointed to join the board that originally approved the flawed project? This doesn’t seem to be an appointment that makes sense. Nor does the fact that other councillors (Swain, Foster) who also supported the flyover are keeping control of the process to work out what will be done to replace the plan that they got so wrong for so long.

  3. KB, 2. April 2016, 10:03

    I presume this is some sort of cruel April fools joke?

  4. Save the Basin, 2. April 2016, 11:24

    Sometimes, it seems NZTA is turning over a new leaf on transport. Then there’s news like this. [via Twitter]

  5. Hel, 2. April 2016, 14:36

    Very odd decision, Fran was quite a divisive figure over the past few years. Perfectly suited to NZTA but I had hoped they would move forward not backwards.

  6. Curtis Antony Nixon, 2. April 2016, 16:55

    Nooooooo!!! Please say it ain’t so . . .