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Pollution in Owhiro Stream linked to continuing landfill problems

News from Wellington Regional Council
Over the past 48 hours, the regional council has received five notifications of discolouration and foam in the Owhiro Stream.

This has been linked back to T and T Landfill who operate a construction and demolition landfill in the Owhiro Stream catchment. The discharge appears similar to that from November/December.

This discharge has been linked to the recent high rainfall and an increase in water flowing through the fill. A council officer went to the site yesterday to investigate and sample.

The work to install mitigation measures required under T and T Landfills consent, to reduce the effects of discharges, is ongoing. T and T have an engineer on site today to look at ways to reduce the current high flows through the landfill.

The council is continuing to work with T and T to ensure the effects on the Owhiro Stream are minimised.

The T and T site holds a suite of resource consents to operate from the Regional Council and Wellington City Council. The site is located at 289 Happy Valley Road.

In addition to T and T, two other landfills operate in the catchment, the Wellington City Council Municipal ‘Southern Landfill’ and another construction and demolition landfill known as C and D Landfill.

News from Regional Council – March 23
The council’s investigation into the T&T Landfill discharge incidents in November and December 2016 has concluded that the landfill breached its resource consent conditions and the Resource Management Act 1991 (RMA). The action we have taken is as follows:

T&T have been issued with 3 infringement notices for specific breaches
A formal warning has been issued to the director of the T&T Company
Advice letter confirming a breach of the consent and RMA have been sent to the consultants to T&T landfills
Advice letter confirming a breach of the consent and RMA have been sent Wellington City Council (as they own part of the land the site operates from)

Our focus since the incident has been working with the landfill operator to make changes onsite to reduce the likelihood of reoccurrence of an incident like this happening again by ‘fast tracking’ mitigation measures such as the wetland and clean water diversion construction. The landfill has been co-operating fully in putting these measures in place, and appreciates the urgency of the situation, and the impact its site had on this occasion to the stream and the community of Owhiro Bay.


  1. Keith Flinders, 12. April 2017, 0:55

    From the smell that emanates from the Kaiwharawhara Stream as it passes through the Otari Plant Museum, there could well be issues with pollution from the old Wilton landfill site under what is now Western Park. Fish used to inhabit that stream up until the 1950s but it is reported that none are to be seen now.

  2. Henry Filth, 12. April 2017, 5:36

    Maybe T and T should be told to pick up their rubbish and go away.